Friday, October 31, 2014

The Date: PUNdamonium

I first started talking to Flannel Fella about two weeks ago. He was witty and quick commenting on one of my profile photos of Sarah, myself, and Marty McFly.

"Wait, you know Marty McFly? Is he super down to earth? He seems like he would be down to earth."

He had me laughing from the first message. We chatted for a bit that first weekend and then it just kinda died out until the day before my date with P. Just the normal chatting about weekend plans. I told him about P and how excited I was. See, in the beginning Flannel Fella never eluded to dating or wanting to get together so I felt like I could tell him about that.

The next night after leaving the let down of a date I had a message from FF.

"Have fun tonight!"

He was sweet. I told him how it just didn't work and I wouldn't be seeing P again. After messaging back and forth for a bit we both found out that each of us were going out on Brady Street with friends and decided to meet up for a bit.

Well we did and it was really awkward. He was very nice and cute it was just, well, I was already, erm, a bit hydrated and there was a lot of pressure with two of my girls there.
I gave my cousin the eyes. You know, the eyes. The save. me. eyes.
Jennifer: "Oh we're going over to JoCats to meet up with a few friends." (Completely true.)
Me: "Sorry, FF, I have to follow them. We should get together again!" (Also wasn't lying.)
And he agreed.
It was just awkward and a lot of pressure.
At the next bar and I get a text.

"Well that wasn't awkward at all"

He had me! And he was hilarious! We ended up texting nonstop the rest of that weekend and he finally asked me out for Tuesday of this week.

The Fella picked me up and we went for Old Fashioned's at Finks and BelAir Cantina for dinner. It was never awkward. We had pretty solid conversation the whole time. And it wasn't even the typical first date convo since we had hammered out a lot of that while texting. I found out that he listens to a lot of the same music that I do and loves craft beer and even brews his own sometimes.

And get this: he took me to a pun slam competition. Pun. Slam. It was so much fun and hilarious! (Believe you me that we sent punny texts the whole next day. Okay, next three days.)

And then he walked me home because he's really sweet.

We went out again last night and plan to meet up for Hallows tonight.

Guys, this kid. He's pretty awesome.

Happy Halloween!


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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Date: Triumph

On Sunday afternoon I got a text from Biker Boy. We had a tentative lunch/dinner date planned for a couple days. He had been at the Badger game the day before, the lucky duck, and needed some of the morning and afternoon to, erm, recover. Around 4pm I got a message.
"Sushi?" "Yes!"
"Can I pick you up on the bike?"...come on, guys. If. He. Only. Knew. "Yes! Yes you can."

So that's how we begun our Sunday day date. One minute I'm watching Gilmore Girls (it's a problem) the next minute I'm watching out my sixth floor front window for a handsome boy on a motorbike. I heard that bike from a mile away and a smile automatically plastered itself across my face.

 Up pulled Biker Boy on one of the most beautiful bikes I have ever seen, a Triumph Thruxton. The first thing I looked at was the bike. Not gonna lie. Classic bikes get me every time. And boy! Was it a pretty machine. (Seriously. I messaged Bry about it next day because I was so giddy. We both agreed this guy was off to a good start.)
I finally looked up at the gent climbing off...there is just something about leather jacket, cuffed jeans, and a motorcycle jacket. What can I say, it gets me every time! Unable to move for a bit, still standing at my front window, I realized he was walking up to my door.
I panicked -- Do I go down?? Then he would know I was totes watching him from my window. And realize I'm a CREEP. 
Then I get his text.  And I bolt out the door so fast. When I get down the stairwell. I pause, take a deep breath, and head out to meet him.

You never know what to expect on these dates. I hadn't met him before, hadn't even spoken to him on the phone. We hugged and greeted each other in person for the first time. A bit awkward at first, trying to talk a bit before jumping on a near stranger's bike, but also surprisingly comfortable. Kid had a good voice. Smooth.

He took me up along the lake for a bit of a ride. It had been a little colder than expected and I forgot gloves so he let me stick my hands into his coat pockets. Guy was a real gentleman.

We ended up at Screaming Tuna (asked me my favorite spot for sushi.) We had very normal first date conversation, where we're from, parents, family, work. He's a transplant from Chicago so we talked a lot about his home town and his family's time spent in Puerto Rico (his parents are first generation in the US, so obviously I jumped on that subject.) He has been in MKE for two years (three years?) so he asked me a lot about the city and how it has changed since I was a kid. Get to know you convos. Never boring, just very much first date conversation.

We chatted there for a while and then we hopped back on the bike. He dropped me off at my apartment and we talked about getting together again after he gets back from a CA work trip, hugged, and I made my way inside.

That night I got a follow up text. Complete gentleman.

Yes, date two is planned. I knew you were dying to know. ;)


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Online Dating Lesson Two

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Lesson Two: You never know how you'll really feel until you meet in person. 

Remember P, the Landscaping Chap? I was SO excited for my date with him. We had awesome talks on the phone and really great chemistry. Even when we were out to dinner we had a solid push and pull conversation with jokes and flirting. It was great! 

However, Team P is no more guys...

I just kept getting the feeling that P was a little aggressive. It seemed like he felt he needed to prove how manly he was and, well, that's just not attractive to me. At all. So, uh, needless to say I won't be seeing him again. We had both played it off like we would talk again that night, but I haven't spoken to him since and he hasn't contacted me so maybe we both got the nah I don't really wanna see you again vibe. A shame, really. 

Meh! C'est la vie, amiright? On to the next! 
Which happened on Sunday. Motorcycles, guys, we rode motorcycles. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

So tell me, I know I'm on a dating bender right now, anyone have stories for me?


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Friday, October 24, 2014

Hmmmm Online Dating

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Online dating is a very interesting animal, people. 

When you're on Match or Tinder (Yup, doing both at once. (Yes, yes, I know don't jump to those Tinder conclusions, yo. You know I'm not like that.)) and it's great! You start to really hit it off and might even take it to the next level. You know, instead of messaging in the app you might begin texting or even talking on the phone. Which is exactly what I've been doing with P, the Handsome Landscaping Chap. Seriously, this guy is awesome and kinda blowing all of the other guys out of the water -- See update to this post
The only thing is it's weird because you can really hit it off and begin thinking about one guy all the time, but other gents will still message you and ask you on dates, and really you have no good reason to say "no" because you and the phone-talking-gentleman aren't a real couple. 
So you are talking to other gents and telling yourself that it's ok because nothing is official or serious just yet, although there's that potential and connection with phone-talking-gentleman which is significantly greater than the connection with the other gents. But whatevs, cause it's online dating, right? 
And then, and THEN you decide to go back on the app to look at an adorable photo of phone-talking-gentleman, you know, P, the Landscaping Chap, because he's just so darn cute, and although you've heard his voice so many times, you can't actually wait to match the voice with his person.

And then you see it: Active 14 minutes ago.

And your little heart sinks and your stomach drops because you've been texting and talking on the phone so you haven't talked to him on the app in a week...

But you've been talking to other guys on there too and really you haven't met in person yet, so you can't have any expectations, right?

Gah! All I'm saying is, it's an animal. A really fierce one. Online dating.

The good news is, guys, I am meeting P, the Landscaping Chap, tonight for dinner. And I'm kinda really excited. Because although I've been talking to other guys too, well, they just don't compare.
Team P, guys, Team P. will be very interesting once one of these gents actually sticks around and I finally tell them about this blog. 
Errrr yes, I have a blog. Errrrr nope, yep, everyone has known about you since the beginning. Surprise!


P.S. Film Fest Fella and I went out for coffee on Tuesday night. It was the most awkward. Lots of me talking. I would pause every once in a while to let him say something or ask a question aannnddd he never picked up on it. Very nice gent, just very very awkward. 

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Match Date One

I just thought I would give a little update. Remember when I mentioned in this post that I had joined Match? Welllll I had my first date last Thursday. We had some great messages before the date and was he cute! One of those " this guy really messaging me??" kinda things. 
We ended up going to Oscar's on Pierce. Errrr...well after we both ended up at two different burger joints... it was very confusing for both of us. Anywho, he was very nice and easy to talk to. And YES he was so cute. However, I felt like I had been talking to my brother. There was just nothing there. Nothing. So will there be a second date. Mmmmm probably not. 

On to the next one, folks. On to the next one.

I have two dates set up for this week. Tuesday is coffee with an adorable gent who's in film--he had two movies at the MKE Film Fest. Uhhh I know-that is pretty freakin' bangin'.
And tonight I have a drinks with a very handsome chap who apprentices his father's landscaping business. 
I am really really excited for both of them.

I apologize for the blurry outfit photo above. Anthony tried to get a few photos of me before Match Date Number One, however, the lighting was less than favorable.

Also, I might or might not be wearing that outfit for drinks tonight. #SorryNotSorry.


**Update 10.21.14** Handsome Landscaping Chap, P, and I never were able to get together on Sunday, however, we are rescheduling for this week. And I. Am. Excited. We have been having some really great chats. Like really great. Guys, seriously. Like BIG deal chats.

Also, Film Fest Fella is still on for coffee tonight.

Over and out.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

On Sundays...Downtown Books and an update

Hey! So news lately! I found a really awesome bookstore with my friend Bryan a couple weeks ago. By a couple of weeks ago, I really mean a couple months ago, but, you know...
Seriously rows and rows of any book you could imagine. The gentlemen who work there know exactly what they have at all times. I was looking for some classics that I read in highschool. I asked the rather helpful man behind the counter for Fahrenheit 451 and when I turned around the other gentleman was handing the last copy out to me. Uhhhh talk about the coolest guys ever. And THE SMELL. Guys, the smell. I love that smell of old books and this place is just one big shop of stories and the old book smell. You can find them here.

I ended up buying four books for around $15 so uhh love it.
Let's be real though, I'm rereading Harry Potter and I'm just starting book two soooo it might be a while until I can dig into the ones I bought.

In other news, I joined so that will be fun! Three months. I'll give it three months.
Wish me luck AND so many awesome first date stories!

Miss you, love you, and the like. :)


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