Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Date: Triumph

On Sunday afternoon I got a text from Biker Boy. We had a tentative lunch/dinner date planned for a couple days. He had been at the Badger game the day before, the lucky duck, and needed some of the morning and afternoon to, erm, recover. Around 4pm I got a message.
"Sushi?" "Yes!"
"Can I pick you up on the bike?"...come on, guys. If. He. Only. Knew. "Yes! Yes you can."

So that's how we begun our Sunday day date. One minute I'm watching Gilmore Girls (it's a problem) the next minute I'm watching out my sixth floor front window for a handsome boy on a motorbike. I heard that bike from a mile away and a smile automatically plastered itself across my face.

 Up pulled Biker Boy on one of the most beautiful bikes I have ever seen, a Triumph Thruxton. The first thing I looked at was the bike. Not gonna lie. Classic bikes get me every time. And boy! Was it a pretty machine. (Seriously. I messaged Bry about it next day because I was so giddy. We both agreed this guy was off to a good start.)
I finally looked up at the gent climbing off...there is just something about leather jacket, cuffed jeans, and a motorcycle jacket. What can I say, it gets me every time! Unable to move for a bit, still standing at my front window, I realized he was walking up to my door.
I panicked -- Do I go down?? Then he would know I was totes watching him from my window. And realize I'm a CREEP. 
Then I get his text.  And I bolt out the door so fast. When I get down the stairwell. I pause, take a deep breath, and head out to meet him.

You never know what to expect on these dates. I hadn't met him before, hadn't even spoken to him on the phone. We hugged and greeted each other in person for the first time. A bit awkward at first, trying to talk a bit before jumping on a near stranger's bike, but also surprisingly comfortable. Kid had a good voice. Smooth.

He took me up along the lake for a bit of a ride. It had been a little colder than expected and I forgot gloves so he let me stick my hands into his coat pockets. Guy was a real gentleman.

We ended up at Screaming Tuna (asked me my favorite spot for sushi.) We had very normal first date conversation, where we're from, parents, family, work. He's a transplant from Chicago so we talked a lot about his home town and his family's time spent in Puerto Rico (his parents are first generation in the US, so obviously I jumped on that subject.) He has been in MKE for two years (three years?) so he asked me a lot about the city and how it has changed since I was a kid. Get to know you convos. Never boring, just very much first date conversation.

We chatted there for a while and then we hopped back on the bike. He dropped me off at my apartment and we talked about getting together again after he gets back from a CA work trip, hugged, and I made my way inside.

That night I got a follow up text. Complete gentleman.

Yes, date two is planned. I knew you were dying to know. ;)


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