Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer is for Riding

You know there are those activities that you do during the summer when you realize, yup, it's here, the summer is finally here. For me its a couple of different things. That smell of warmth mixed with trees and fresh-cut grass. (Um, YES you can smell warmth. Don't tell me you can't.) Those beach days. Also, showering twice a day because it's Milwaukee and MKE=humidity. 

But one of my absolute favorite things to do during the summer is beginning to be motorcycle riding*. I begged Bry for weeks to take the bike out during the Spring. Weeks. I'm surprised he didn't get annoyed enough not to take me. I mean, he did threaten not to...

Either way, we've gone multiple times now that it's finally warm enough to ride and it gets me every time. I love the adrenaline and the cool breeze. And that feeling you get in your stomach crossing the Hoan Bridge with Lake Michigan on one side and the Valley on the other side. 
And if you cross the bridge at just the right time the valley and city has a foggy hue and you're reminded of just how much you love this small, quirky, underrated city. It's really really just my favorite.

What are your favorite summer activities? Did you do any of them this weekend?


*Many of my friends and family get nervous when I talk about taking out the bike. It goes without saying that motorcycle riding can be very very dangerous. There are many horror stories. Although only 14% (2010) of motor vehicle accidents are on motorcycles there is still a big risk. This is why we always make necessary precautions in order to ride. Obviously we wear helmets and sunglasses or goggles, we never ride during rush hour and we try as hard as possible to avoid heavy traffic, and we always always drive defensively. It only takes one inattentive driver... with that being said I always feel safe when riding with Bry. He's a great friend and would never put us into a dangerous situation (especially with how vocal I am on the back of that thing.) Yup yup. The best. Vroom.

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  1. I grew up around motorbikes, my Dad restores vintage Nortons in his spare time & is a mad Hog owner so I'm all for bike riding! Hope you have a blast riding around this summer.


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