Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mirror Mirror | Milwaukee Ballet

Greetings! It's my pleasure to be here on my sissy pants' blog to talk to you about the MKE ballet!! My name is Renée and I have long loved the ballet, ever since I was a little tutu-wearing tike earning my way to those pointe shoes. You may not know it, but MKE has a most wonderful ballet, lead by a most creative artistic director, Michael Pink. He is quite a visionary! I don't think enough people know how lucky MKE is to have a ballet company with its own Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra! Nothing can beat live music and it's two cultural events in one! What a deal! AND how lucky we are to have a ballet company which is producing new, original works. You remember our trip to the MKE ballet back in fall. shishter and I went to see Mirror Mirror a little bit ago and it was fantastic! Michael Pink is known for bringing new ballets to the stage (this is quite a feat, as most ballets have been danced for ages) (He also recently brought other original ballets, Peter Pan & Dracula to the stage - which were very excellent!!) They do a great job with the classics, however I also feel they are producing ballets for people who don't like ballet!

Anyway - we loved Mirror Mirror, even though we thought it was a bit risque for the little ballerinas in the audience. 

 I know you've missed Mirror Mirror, but please check out their 2014-2015 season! I think my favorite is going to be Giselle or Genesis. Consider doing a full season, a single show, or a package (bundle) - the packages start at only $60!! 

Michael Pink loves MKE and wants to do something great in this great city and I think he and the Milwaukee Ballet are succeeding! Keep up the good work and thank you for having us!!

Read more about Mirror Mirror here.
Read more about Michael Pink here.

Renée (& Lisa)

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  1. Hi Renee (and lisa as always)! :)

    you both look completely adorable and totally classy! i have been dying to see a live ballet for ages-- this one looks like it must have been stunning! My current hometown doesn't have much of a ballet scene I'm sad to say, but I'm optimistic we'll get to see one when we've moved next month!


    1. Oh YES! You'll have to tell us about it after you go!!


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