Sunday, October 19, 2014

Match Date One

I just thought I would give a little update. Remember when I mentioned in this post that I had joined Match? Welllll I had my first date last Thursday. We had some great messages before the date and was he cute! One of those " this guy really messaging me??" kinda things. 
We ended up going to Oscar's on Pierce. Errrr...well after we both ended up at two different burger joints... it was very confusing for both of us. Anywho, he was very nice and easy to talk to. And YES he was so cute. However, I felt like I had been talking to my brother. There was just nothing there. Nothing. So will there be a second date. Mmmmm probably not. 

On to the next one, folks. On to the next one.

I have two dates set up for this week. Tuesday is coffee with an adorable gent who's in film--he had two movies at the MKE Film Fest. Uhhh I know-that is pretty freakin' bangin'.
And tonight I have a drinks with a very handsome chap who apprentices his father's landscaping business. 
I am really really excited for both of them.

I apologize for the blurry outfit photo above. Anthony tried to get a few photos of me before Match Date Number One, however, the lighting was less than favorable.

Also, I might or might not be wearing that outfit for drinks tonight. #SorryNotSorry.


**Update 10.21.14** Handsome Landscaping Chap, P, and I never were able to get together on Sunday, however, we are rescheduling for this week. And I. Am. Excited. We have been having some really great chats. Like really great. Guys, seriously. Like BIG deal chats.

Also, Film Fest Fella is still on for coffee tonight.

Over and out.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

On Sundays...Downtown Books and an update

Hey! So news lately! I found a really awesome bookstore with my friend Bryan a couple weeks ago. By a couple of weeks ago, I really mean a couple months ago, but, you know...
Seriously rows and rows of any book you could imagine. The gentlemen who work there know exactly what they have at all times. I was looking for some classics that I read in highschool. I asked the rather helpful man behind the counter for Fahrenheit 451 and when I turned around the other gentleman was handing the last copy out to me. Uhhhh talk about the coolest guys ever. And THE SMELL. Guys, the smell. I love that smell of old books and this place is just one big shop of stories and the old book smell. You can find them here.

I ended up buying four books for around $15 so uhh love it.
Let's be real though, I'm rereading Harry Potter and I'm just starting book two soooo it might be a while until I can dig into the ones I bought.

In other news, I joined so that will be fun! Three months. I'll give it three months.
Wish me luck AND so many awesome first date stories!

Miss you, love you, and the like. :)


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Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Lately with Thoughts on Blogging | Summer 2014

Blogging, guys. Blogging. I've literally sat down to write this post about a dozen times in the last month or so. I have been so so absent from this blog lately and this space is something that I have been missing. A lot. Not necessarily the act of blogging or sharing information or photos, but I missed that weird, giddy, energized feeling that I get from writing something that I'm passionate about. 

Blogging for me has been a creative outlet. It all started really because I thought it would be fun. After awhile I found my blogging voice and style and it gradually became something so much more. It turned to a place where I could share anything I wanted to share at that moment. Photos, stories, food, personal experiences, favorite spots in my favorite city...anything. 

 I think that everyone starts their blog just wanting to do your own thing. I didn't intend to become the next Taza or mega food and fashion mogul. I wanted to just have a space to share things that I loved. But then you read books on blogging and you see fellow blogging friends becoming more popular (so happy for them, though, really.) And you want to do more, be more, and put things out there that people will like. Things that will attract attention. Things that are just forced.

Because, apparently, that's what you do when you have a blog...

It's just exhausting. This is why I have been away. I was burnt. out. From my blog! The thing that had been so much fun to me.

But now, it's fall.
Last week I stepped outside and I got that fall smell. The brisk air smell. The soon-trees-will-be-orange-and-red smell. And there will be lattes. Lots of lattes. And you know what? THAT is the smell of blogging. Not kidding. When I smell the fall smell, I smell blogging. I don't get it. Maybe it's because I started this blog during autumn. (Almost exactly two years ago(!!)) Or maybe it's just that clean, fresh smell, like restarting...?
I don't know. All I know is in that exact moment I missed c/oMKE. A lot. And I knew I had to sit down and finally write this post.

So I'm back. It's different this time, though. No schedule for blogging. No blogging because I feel like I need to or that I owe it to my followers--although, I love you guys, I really do, thank you for being here--but blogging for me. Because I missed it. And really it should be light and fun and, ok maybe serious sometimes, but real and not forced.

I'm back, guys, and you're stuck with me. Well occasionally. When I feel like it. ;)

Ok, but really, tell me about your summer.


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