Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Things I Learned From My First Job

(Photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post)

Sometimes it's good to look back on where you came from and the experiences you've had. Recently I was contacted by the job search platform TheLadders. They asked me if I could reminisce about my first job experience and what I learned from it. I've had many jobs over the years and I've learned a lot from all of them. My first job, however, was the first time I ever worked for a bigger company.

Taco Bell.

YES. My first job was at Taco Bell. I can still smell the faux fresh lettuce and the fryers going. And, yes, the beef is kinda gross. And YES I do still love Taco Bell. Give me a chicken crunch wrap any day (insert that new taco and burrito emoji here.)

I started out working on the cash registers. This was a rather smooth transition because growing up I often worked at my parents Shoe and Tailoring shop. I used to work the registers, count money, and make connections with our regular and new customers every day. I LOVED working the cash registers at Taco Bell because I got to interact with patrons. You learn quickly the type of customer service you need for any given situation. Usually people were very happy to get their super stuffed grilled burrito concoctions. Sometimes, however, if something was wrong with the order, people would be very upset. This is where you learn to smile, be positive, and show the customer that what they want is important. 

Being that this was my first job that I applied for all on my own I needed to take ownership. You are responsible for showing up for work, fulfilling your duties, asking questions, etc. If I made a mistake I needed to own up to it. If I was rude to a customer, I needed to own up to it.

Taco Bell taught me some solid work ethic, as silly as it sounds. It prepared me for what was to come much later in life. After graduating college almost every person has a bit of a train of jobs that might not be exactly what you're looking for. I also went through this, but each job is a season. The Lord never puts you in a place he doesn't want you to be in. You have that job for a reason; you need to find the positives in it because you're going to learn from it one way or another.

Along with that though, there is no need to settle. You work to what you want you life to be. If you are still looking and searching try to use TheLadders Job Search Platform. They just might be able to help you find your dream job or your next step up the ladder.

Peace out.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Five Things | Los Olivos, CA

A few weeks ago I visited my very good {some might even say bestest ;)} friend in good ol' sunny CA. We packed SO much into my quick two day Memorial Day Weekend. We spent some time in Los Olivos, CA {Santa Barbara area} and Santa Monica, CA. So I thought I would sneak back on c/oMKE and do two bits of listies because #CareofMKEtoCali 
and because I can. ;)

I mean cupcakes and wine. It's the PERFECT place to have a after |or before!!| meal dessert. You go on into to Saarloos, which is a gorgeous house with different wallpaper in every room, buy yourself a little carton of some seriously delicious cupcakes {we're talking blackberry serah, lemon drop, cheese cake, pb&j. PB&J. I didn't stutter. Tastes like childhood.} and they they pair them with a free wine tasting. I mean. Come. On.

3 | Panino

Panino is the cutest little sandwich shop. When you get there, if you go on a Saturday like we did, it will be packed. But listen to me, it's. worth. it. And you'll get your sandwich pretty quickly. I unfortunately don't have any great photos of the shop or of our lunch {you see, I was fading from hunger.} They have like 30 sandwiches at every location. THIRTY! We got the Roasted Chicken with Pesto, Pine Nuts, Feta Cheese, & Sun-Dried Tomatoes on this menu. It was delicious and big enough to share. We also pared it with Pepperoncini Kettle Chips because they also had any Kettle Chip flavor you could possibly want. Seriously go there now.

4 | J. Woeste

J. Woeste is an eclectic little garden shop where you can get anything from itty bitty lawn gnome-type goodies to already potted succulents. There is TONS to look at. And if you're not so much into interesting decorations or garden goods at least go and sit in that chair.

Ok, guys, this place is fantastic. Not only did we sit at the Chef's table {ummm we could see {gawk at} everything that was going on in the kitchen. those chefs = cute and fun to watch interact} but our server was great and kept bringing us wine on the house {sometimes being female is pretty great.} AND we got a little history lesson by one of the managers while we were exploring the grounds.

The tavern itself is gorgeous. It was one of the first stops for the Wells Fargo and the whole reason Los Olivos became a town. They also will have wedding receptions and parties in the gorgeous backyard. 

We weren't too hungry since we had late lunch at Panino so we just ordered and the black rice waffle to share and it was extremely unexpectedly delicious. Think savory and a bit filthy. Black rice waffle, pork sausage, shrimp, pineapple, cilantro, onion, and egg. I just can't even explain how good it was. And unfortunately it is no longer on the menu. wah wah. Even so, the rest of the food looks amazing soooo also go here. Thanks.


Los Olivos for the win!


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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mini Blueberry Cream Scones

I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love. scones. The crunchy outer layer and that soft and pillowy inside...not too sweet, but not bland either. My church has Easter breakfast between services every year, so I thought I would whip up my favorite breakfast baked good. On Saturday, I blasted a bit of Minus the Bear, sipped some delicious espresso, and accidentally dyed my counters blue.
And that's how I created a new tradition for my Easter Sundays. I have a tradition. Really, it's not big deal. Except that it's the COOLEST.

Anyways, I used this recipe and substituted the blueberries for strawberries, because blueberry swirl anything is pretty and, well, I like pretty things.

And that's that.

I hope you all had a very very blessed Easter.


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