Friday, September 27, 2013

Doors Open Milwaukee -- Milwaukee Ballet

Last weekend Renée and I tromped around the city for Doors Open Milwaukee.

It is such an sweet event that happens one weekend a year where 100s of different companies/organizations will open up their buildings for the public. You get to see all of the behind the scenes areas for different groups in Milwaukee.

It was such an amazing experience to finally explore all of these amazing places that I have always seen while growing up here in MKE.
I have many photos so I'm splitting up the DOM locations into different posts.

Just stretchin' out.

It only took us forever...

The first place we went to was the Milwaukee Ballet building.
They took us on a tour of all of the offices and studios. 

Now get this--the building houses both dance companies and the school plus all of the offices.
Including Michael Pink's office--which we saw.
He's the creative big deal.

As R and I walked around we just kept picturing ourselves in a real life version of Center Stage. OK, I know it is probably nothing really like that, but, come on, it's a great movie. 

We also got to see their costume shop. The company makes ALL of their own costumes, by hand. Get this, it takes them 40 hours to make a classic pancake tutu.


After exploring the land of plies and pointe we shimmied our way off to the next destination.
Stay tuned.


  1. Oh wow, how amazing! And oh boy do I love Center Stage... best. movie. ever.

  2. You are just one with my own heart girl!

  3. That costume shop gives me life. I can't even begin to imagine all the little treasures you could find there ♥

  4. That is such a cool concept. I would love it if Los Angeles stores would do this. Exploring the opera or theatre productions in LA would be so much fun, especially the costumes! If Hollywood did this, i would definitely try to see the costumes from Baz Lurhman's and Joe Wright's films. :D

    1. That would be AMAZING! It's mind-blowing seeing all of the little details.


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