Friday, September 20, 2013


A couple weeks ago I was approached by a friend, K, who runs a pre-college program here in Milwaukee. She knew that I was into photography and asked me if I would be willing to do senior photos for one of her students. The student got a scammed for her original senior photos. Her mom paid all of this money and they never even saw the photos afterward.
It's so awful. I have a variety of emotions about this situation. Who does that?!
So after K asked if I would be willing to do the photos pro bono, I couldn't say no.
And I'm glad that I didn't.

This is Ebony.

She is SO kind, giggly, beautiful {inside and out}, and such a scholar {she wants to go into nursing at Tennessee State University}. 
It's amazing how well you can connect with someone when they are on the other side of the camera especially when you need to get them to open up a little more. 
I learned that she is one of the most genuine, caring people I have ever met. I wish her all the best and can't wait to see where she ends up going next year.

Ebony, it was a pleasure getting to know you.

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  1. That's terrible about her experience with the scammy photog. LAME. But how impressive and awesome are you to lend a hand! The photos look great! All the best to Ebony as well; that smile will get her far. :D

    Kate x

  2. I cant believe someone would do such a thing. That's terrible! Thankfully there's wonderful people like you out there, who help to right some of the wrongs. The pictures look fantastic, and I am sure they meant the world to Ebony!


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