Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vacationing | Recovering

Helloooo!! I'm sorry I have been a little absent from the blog this last week or so, but May has been quite the whirlwind! If you follow me on Instagram (oh, please do!) then you can see I've been on a bit of a vacation (three links, BAM!). And I will have a post for you soooonz. I am back in good ole WI now, but this week ends our school year so it's a bit busy and run-aroundy. I will be back on Monday with some catch up posts and other fun things! 
In the mean time, do you like my little redesign?? Just playin around with some things. 

I hope that your May is ending smoothly!

Loves yous, miss yous. You know.


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Colectivo | Third Ward

Soooo Colectivo (previously Alterra) opened a new café in the Third Ward right across from Milwaukee Public Market. It's such a great location and perfect to just bop in and grab a coffee or sandwich orr let's be real, both, to go. The coffee bar is designed to order on one side and pick up food and drinks on the other side. And you can get right up in there and watch the baristas do there work and the folks in the kitchen sling bread. So cool. AND it has two (or three (??)) huge garage door windows that really open the place up and let in all the fresh air. All of it.
The only thing is when I went there was no Wifi (??).
Otherwise, it's a really awesome new space.

Stop by and grab a cuppa, yo!

Colectivo Coffee | Third Ward
223 E St. Paul
Milwaukee, Wi 53212


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Monday, May 19, 2014

Birthday | 25

It was my birthday on Saturday! I seriously just love birthdays so much!  I mean it's only once a year, so why not celebrate it, right?!
This year I didn't do anything too big and I am completely fine with that. Content even. My little friend group was out of town this weekend so on Thursday, B invited everyone over to have an early birthday get-together. Everyone's plans got a bit jumbly so it was just he and I, but we had a good time none-the-less. I grilled corn for the first time! Ringing 25 in with a bang! (I'm really not sure if that makes sense...I'm really awful at idioms...) 
On Saturday I celebrated with my good friend Emily at her Bridal Shower. I'm SO excited for her. Then I had dinner and pie with my family for my birthday. I went home afterward and cuddled up at home. It was a very low-key birthday and I absolutely loved it. :)

25 feels great! Seriously. I feel like this is a good age. I don't feel too old or too young. Last year I couldn't believe that I was already 24. Like it caught up on me or something. This year it just feels right.  :)

The photos are from Anthropologie's May Birthday's Party. If you are an Anthro-member you can get invited to some really really cool after hours events. (Remember this fashion show??) The party was really cute. Champagne in mismatched flutes, cupcakes, candy bar... A YELLOW candy bar! I was in heaven. And they had the photo booth too. Oh it was so fun! And thank you to Ne for coming with me. OH! AND I bought a new dress. Of course.

Happy Birthday to me!!
Did you have a wonderful weekend? What did you get on to?


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bartholomew Boyd | Wisconsin Humane Society

I wish I could hear all of the "dahwww"s that ensued from seeing this gorgeous pup. 

My family is a complete dog family. We don't normally get puppies--every couple of years we end up acquiring a poor lonely pooch who needs a home and we always give in. We tried for cats for a little bit (mmm this might or might not have been my fault when I was a little curly-haired five-year-old and wanted one for my birthday---only to find out ten years later I had an allergy...whoops) and that was a complete fail...a 17 year fail. Double whoops.
So anyways dogs. Dogs.
Renée and Ben brought their little bundle of joy into town a couple weekends ago and I had to get photos of him. They have only had Bartholomew Boyd for about two weeks and he has grown a ton. His huge roll-y-poll-y belly is gone and his torso is getting long. Good thing I captured him when I did! 
They had been trying every weekend for a month+ to get a puppy. Ben would travel sometimes over an hour every time they would see a new picture posted at the Wisconsin Humane Society. He would arrive to find the pup in the arms of a picturesque family. Arrrgh. Until Bart came along and it was a match made in heaven. Yay!
The vet thinks that Bart is a mix of Coon Hound, German Shepherd, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. Ummm did you know that Rhodeisian Ridgebacks were bred to hunt lions in packs in Africa. Which makes sense because he will stalk to pounce on Caesar. STALK! This dog is seriously going to be B.A. And he's so smart (Hound, Shepherd), sniff-y (Hound), and snuggly (Hound, again.)
They for sure found a keeper.

If you're looking to get a puppy or any pet for that matter look into The Humane Society. R and B had such a great experience working with the Wisconsin Humane SocietyThey really want you (the adopter) to be a good pet owner. They are really really kind and don't pass judgement. AND it's a great deal = $309 for a puppy that has all it's shots except for rabies (they get that at 6 months), a microchip, and he's already fixed.
Pretty awesome I'd say!

So tell me, are you a dog or a cat person?

This was not a sponsored post. We just really really love the Humane Society, ya dig.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Wolf Peach

A couple of weeks ago the girls and I got together for a little brunch. We had all been pretty busy so we just needed a little time to catch up. I had heard nothing but good things about Wolf Peach so it seemed like an obvious decision. Seriously everything was delicious. The eggs benedict was amazing and those POTATO LATKES!! So good.The star of the show, however, was the mascarpone stuffed french toast...I mean, just look at it! Also, grapefruit mimosas. Boom. Done.
We had a really great time catching up and the service was wonderful. The view helps too. Milwaukee....and the server. Ahem.

When we went the patio wasn't open yet, but now that it's warming up outside -- look out for some major eye-candy.  MKE skyline, you pretty thing.

Wolf Peach
1818 North Hubbart Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212


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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Fresh Frame Photography

Just some pretty awesome photos from a lifestyle shoot I had with Sarah of Fresh Frame Photography.
She is just too talented!

Happy Wednesday!

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Friday, May 2, 2014

We Made Beer

We made beer. At home! And it's ready to drink. Ok, really, B had done this many times before. And ok, yes, he really made it, I just poured things and took photos. And capped the bottles and stamped. (I'm a pretty awesome stamper. Skilled. I was born for it.) Ok, but see those bottles he was filling on the floor? Yeah when I took the photo of him showing me how to clamp the caps, I might or might not have (nope, definitely did) knock over two bottles. All in the name of photo.

Either way we made our own beer and that's pretty rockin'. And guys, I think this is just really rad. We sampled the brews last night while playing Sheepshead. It could have a little bit more flavor, but otherwise it's pretty great. 

Any awesome plans for the weekend? I have another rather packed one ahead. Hopefully I'll remember to take some photos for you. ;)

Happy Friday!

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