Monday, July 29, 2013

Alterra now Colectivo

Double post!
Bam. Bam.
I normally only post the usual three times a week, but I think that this news deserves a little posty-post.

If you live in the Milwaukee area you probably heard the crazy news that Alterra changed their name to Colectivo Coffee. If you have been following me for a while you know that Alterra and I have had a rather long love affair so you can only imagine how I was feeling when I found out.

I received the email blast from Pabst this morning and I went through a variety of emotions. 

First I was just livid, then confused, then inquisitive, and then completely content with the change.

The background story:

Over the years Alterra had been approached by multiple companies that wanted to take them to a different level. None of the situations seemed like a good fit until 2010 when MARS approached them with a great opportunity that would ensure Alterra the growth and development that they would not normally see during the tough economic times. Alterra (now Colectivo) agreed to sell the name of the company not the company. After three years they decided to part ways with MARS and are now becoming Colectivo Coffee.

After reading everything that Colectivo has posted I see that this is, in fact, a great move. Colectivo will stay true to it's roots here in Milwaukee, producing great coffee and experiences.

The new name is after the colorful colectivos (buses) that are used all around Latin America. And honestly, after living in Antigua, Guatemala and seeing and riding colectivos everyday I couldn't be happier with the new name.

Change is always a little difficult, but Colectivo, I warmly welcome you. 
Although you never left ;)

For more information about the name change you can visit Colectivo Coffee's website.

And watch this video, dang it!


  1. This is exciting! When I heard they were changing their name, my first reaction was similar to yours ;) My sister serves Alterra coffee at her coffee shop here in the Fox Cities, so we were all over this news, wondering what it meant for us. I'm so happy they're staying local, and I think the name is great. The graphic design is still so unmistakably Alterra! so at least the look and feel is the same. :D Yay coffee (I am having some right now.)

    Kate x

    1. That's awesome that she serves it there! I love when shops do that! Yes, it will be hard to get used to the name, but like they said "It's just a name."


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