Friday, July 5, 2013

This One's for the Kitchen

These good lookin' bad boys used to by my ugly black shelves my mom hastily bought for me for my freshman dorm room. 

I want to use them for a little baker's rack in my kitchen so I thought they need a bit of a revamping. 

I used Rust-Oleum 1) because it's based out of Kenosha, WI (reppin' WI) and 2) this color is bangin'!

All you do is give the furniture a little sanding and paint away--preferably on a tarp so the mama doesn't get upset. Let it dry and then give it a spray of clear coat. 

BAM! You got yo'self a bakin' rack!

Side-note: It's the 5th, but Happy 4th!


  1. Oh! That blue looks super nice. It will look great in your kitchen!
    Leah Faye

    e plus l

    1. Oh thanks! Now I just need to move in. Haha


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