Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life Lately...

Every time I do a Life Lately... I have a gagillion photos.

1<<Summerfest on a rather dreary day
2<<Listening to Leagues at Summerfest 
(Jeans-American Eagle | Kicks-Toms) 
3<<Inside of the Yucatan Guacamole lid--makes me laugh every time
4<<Ruby is not a fan of dogs--This is a big milestone for her
5<<4th of July attire
(I take an awful lot of photos of my legs/feet)
6<<Jennifer, Megan, and I called in a drunk driver--just doing our civic duty
7<<The downpour before leaving for Summerfest a few weeks ago
8<<Two minutes after the downpour
9<<Bradford Beach music party
10<<Lighting Chinese floating lanterns at Bradford Beach
11<<Hula hoop dancer at Bradford Beach
12<<Renée and Ben's moving truck--kitchen sink included
13<<Unpacking R&B's house
14<<Gibson wedding attire
15<<Em and I gettin' ready for the wedding
(My eyes often disappear in photos)
16<<Beer before the wedding
17<<Alterra latte art
18<<Logged on at the perfect time to see this beaut of a number for viewage
19<<The capital during my visit to Madison
(1 & 2)
20<<Rainy State Street in Madison
21<<Capital at night
22<<Dreary Summerfest #2

In other news...Renée, Ben, and I are driving to Minneapolis tomorrow to go to a Beyoncé concert!!!

I. Am. Ecstatic!

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  1. Ah the foot pictures. I have so many of those! For some reason it is my favorite angle!

    also, erin and I just near simultaneously died reading that your dad is a cobbler! That is so awesome!

    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

    1. Bahaha! I know! It's fun seeing peoples reactions. Yeah, dads a cobbler, moms a tailor. :))


    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!

  3. Great pictures, looks like you've been a busy bee!
    So beautiful in that blue dress!



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