Monday, May 19, 2014

Birthday | 25

It was my birthday on Saturday! I seriously just love birthdays so much!  I mean it's only once a year, so why not celebrate it, right?!
This year I didn't do anything too big and I am completely fine with that. Content even. My little friend group was out of town this weekend so on Thursday, B invited everyone over to have an early birthday get-together. Everyone's plans got a bit jumbly so it was just he and I, but we had a good time none-the-less. I grilled corn for the first time! Ringing 25 in with a bang! (I'm really not sure if that makes sense...I'm really awful at idioms...) 
On Saturday I celebrated with my good friend Emily at her Bridal Shower. I'm SO excited for her. Then I had dinner and pie with my family for my birthday. I went home afterward and cuddled up at home. It was a very low-key birthday and I absolutely loved it. :)

25 feels great! Seriously. I feel like this is a good age. I don't feel too old or too young. Last year I couldn't believe that I was already 24. Like it caught up on me or something. This year it just feels right.  :)

The photos are from Anthropologie's May Birthday's Party. If you are an Anthro-member you can get invited to some really really cool after hours events. (Remember this fashion show??) The party was really cute. Champagne in mismatched flutes, cupcakes, candy bar... A YELLOW candy bar! I was in heaven. And they had the photo booth too. Oh it was so fun! And thank you to Ne for coming with me. OH! AND I bought a new dress. Of course.

Happy Birthday to me!!
Did you have a wonderful weekend? What did you get on to?


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  1. Happy Birthday!! It was my pleasure - had such a great time! Thank you to you and Anthro for a super fun night!


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