Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Colectivo | Third Ward

Soooo Colectivo (previously Alterra) opened a new café in the Third Ward right across from Milwaukee Public Market. It's such a great location and perfect to just bop in and grab a coffee or sandwich orr let's be real, both, to go. The coffee bar is designed to order on one side and pick up food and drinks on the other side. And you can get right up in there and watch the baristas do there work and the folks in the kitchen sling bread. So cool. AND it has two (or three (??)) huge garage door windows that really open the place up and let in all the fresh air. All of it.
The only thing is when I went there was no Wifi (??).
Otherwise, it's a really awesome new space.

Stop by and grab a cuppa, yo!

Colectivo Coffee | Third Ward
223 E St. Paul
Milwaukee, Wi 53212


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