Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On Sundays...

On Sundays we brew beer. Well...Bryan brews beer and I take photos of him. This boy and his beer, I swear. We were going to do this last weekend, but there is this weird yeast pack thing (puffy packet in photo #2) that you have to slam really hard so it grows. Or something. And that little baby just wasn't growing. And then this weekend B wakes up and the little pack is as puffed up as can be. And we all know what that means - brew time baby. (!!) So after church we went home and sanitized all of the things (using technical terms here) and B taught me the processes and words and things. Really I got to measure a lot of water and pour things. While he stirred and handled all of the hot cooking. I just really don't think he could have done it alone. Everyone needs their own water pour-er. AmIright?
So we cooked it all up real good and put it into that big carboy so it can have a little fermentation station. And guys the house smelled SO good. Like caramel and just so good!
I think we bottle on Sunday or maybe the next Sunday. (??)

Either way - I'm now a beer expert.

Have you ever attempted to make beer at home? Or anything neat and complicated like this?


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  1. This is so awesome! I remember the first time I saw one of my friends' homebrew setups and I was totally mystified but so impressed. I still feel this way. ;) Great photos!


    Artsy Abroad //


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