Friday, March 14, 2014

Party in the Back

The weekend is herrree! It's here! I am just beyond excited! And on top of the normal weekend excitement it is St. Patty's Day! Only the BEST non-religious holiday! It's my favorite. FAVORITE. It's my excuse to act like I'm actually Irish...not even close. I'm running a 5K in the morning. I haven't really run my last 5K which was ahem 6 months ago. I'll be fiiinnneee! Right...? But they treat us with green beer afterwards!! How could I say no? And then we're off for a little Blue's Egg action and some major Guinness consumption.
(And when I say major I mean like two because really how many of those can you drink without getting super full...I mean, I'll still try. Because I. Love. Guinness.)

Isn't the jacket above suuuper fun? It's an oldie from Anthro. And I love it, guys, love it. I love the open back. It adds a lot. It does however make it really confusing to get dressed. Are you a jacket? Are you a shirt? I usually go with shirt because it's silly as a jacket. Your front stays warm, but your back is all "Hey, wind! Here I am!" However, it is perfect with a nude tank underneath.
So there's that.

Are you into St. Patty's Day? Any plans??


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  1. Love the jacket! I'm such an Anthro fan for the very reason this jacket is rad--the details are awesome, usually with just a slight twist. I like how the fabric layers overlap -- very springy! :D


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