Saturday, October 11, 2014

On Sundays...Downtown Books and an update

Hey! So news lately! I found a really awesome bookstore with my friend Bryan a couple weeks ago. By a couple of weeks ago, I really mean a couple months ago, but, you know...
Seriously rows and rows of any book you could imagine. The gentlemen who work there know exactly what they have at all times. I was looking for some classics that I read in highschool. I asked the rather helpful man behind the counter for Fahrenheit 451 and when I turned around the other gentleman was handing the last copy out to me. Uhhhh talk about the coolest guys ever. And THE SMELL. Guys, the smell. I love that smell of old books and this place is just one big shop of stories and the old book smell. You can find them here.

I ended up buying four books for around $15 so uhh love it.
Let's be real though, I'm rereading Harry Potter and I'm just starting book two soooo it might be a while until I can dig into the ones I bought.

In other news, I joined so that will be fun! Three months. I'll give it three months.
Wish me luck AND so many awesome first date stories!

Miss you, love you, and the like. :)


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