Friday, October 31, 2014

The Date: PUNdamonium

I first started talking to Flannel Fella about two weeks ago. He was witty and quick commenting on one of my profile photos of Sarah, myself, and Marty McFly.

"Wait, you know Marty McFly? Is he super down to earth? He seems like he would be down to earth."

He had me laughing from the first message. We chatted for a bit that first weekend and then it just kinda died out until the day before my date with P. Just the normal chatting about weekend plans. I told him about P and how excited I was. See, in the beginning Flannel Fella never eluded to dating or wanting to get together so I felt like I could tell him about that.

The next night after leaving the let down of a date I had a message from FF.

"Have fun tonight!"

He was sweet. I told him how it just didn't work and I wouldn't be seeing P again. After messaging back and forth for a bit we both found out that each of us were going out on Brady Street with friends and decided to meet up for a bit.

Well we did and it was really awkward. He was very nice and cute it was just, well, I was already, erm, a bit hydrated and there was a lot of pressure with two of my girls there.
I gave my cousin the eyes. You know, the eyes. The save. me. eyes.
Jennifer: "Oh we're going over to JoCats to meet up with a few friends." (Completely true.)
Me: "Sorry, FF, I have to follow them. We should get together again!" (Also wasn't lying.)
And he agreed.
It was just awkward and a lot of pressure.
At the next bar and I get a text.

"Well that wasn't awkward at all"

He had me! And he was hilarious! We ended up texting nonstop the rest of that weekend and he finally asked me out for Tuesday of this week.

The Fella picked me up and we went for Old Fashioned's at Finks and BelAir Cantina for dinner. It was never awkward. We had pretty solid conversation the whole time. And it wasn't even the typical first date convo since we had hammered out a lot of that while texting. I found out that he listens to a lot of the same music that I do and loves craft beer and even brews his own sometimes.

And get this: he took me to a pun slam competition. Pun. Slam. It was so much fun and hilarious! (Believe you me that we sent punny texts the whole next day. Okay, next three days.)

And then he walked me home because he's really sweet.

We went out again last night and plan to meet up for Hallows tonight.

Guys, this kid. He's pretty awesome.

Happy Halloween!


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