Friday, August 30, 2013

The Neighborhood -- BelAir Cantina

I love living in Wauwatosa. There are so many cute restaurants, cafes, parks, and shops. I think that a lot of people picture Wauwatosa like the semi-upidy Washington Highlands-esque area, but it's not like that at all. You just have to look for it--which I kinda like--the chase. You know.

I've been exploring my neighborhood a little more and over the next couple of weeks I'll be doing posts here and there on my new findings and adventures. Now, this won't be exclusively for Jacobus Park -- my burrow -- but the Wauwatosa area in general. ;)

The Neighborhood.

Earlier this week Meta and I headed over to North Avenue to check out the new BelAir Cantina.
Now if you are one of those silly Eastside roaming dollies -- raising hand -- then you know that the original is over on Humboldt in MKE. I'm a big fan of BelAir so I knew that I had to check out the new location.

They have amazing deals on Tuesdays and Thursdays -- select $2 tacos and spiffy drink specials.

We braved the busy crowds and took our chances on the wait time.

If you go and there is a long wait they will tell you that you can sit at the bar if a spot opens instead of waiting your allotted hour. It's every man for himself.

Well we rolled the dice and found two spots at the bar within 5 minutes of waiting.

We're champions.

And the best thing was my trusty sidekick ^^^ and I got to watch our super friendly bartender sling drinks and mix margs all night. 

$2 Dos Equis. NBD.

Although I had been to BelAir before, it is always a struggle to pick out my tacos choices.

The chap next to me picked one of my tacos out for me--clever guy. 
He also owns an old school hotdog joint in town.
Meta and I are going to check it out soon so keep those baby blues or browns open!

We placed our orders and sat munching on chips and salsas -- The orange one is the best. Hands down.

Also, can we talk about the curse of the Mexican restaurant chips for a second?
Those things are so delicious. The perfect crunch, the perfect saltiness. I can't even get over it, but by the time my food comes I'm already full. I always say that I'm not going to each chips while waiting but...

Then the food came -- honestly we only waited for the food for about 10 minutes -- quite fast.
Just another great thing to say about this place.

BelAir: 2000 points.

We both ended up getting 3 tacos.


Baja Tilapia.

Chiles, onions, black beans, and queso.
This is hands down my favorite taco.

After dousing it with lime...

it was on.

And it was good.

So I know I say this every time, but next time you're in the MKE/Tosa area and craving some killer tacos, go to BelAir. 
You won't regret it.

But before you go, hit a sista up.

Side-note: Only a few days left to put your name in for the Uganda Community Project Giveaway.


  1. I just ate a giant (unhealthy and unsatisfying) cookie for dinner, and I'm currently questions why I'm not eating Mexican deliciousness and drinking $2 beers. My goodness, does that all look tasty! Great pictures :).

    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog--you should check it out!

  2. oh my god, SO cruel posting those taco photos, haha! this place looks aaaawesome, and that's amazing it's in your neighborhood! there was this one taco place in chicago that was just like that- it was always packed but you could nab a place at the bar at your own peril. we usually ended up eating tacos while standing in a corner haha, they were THAT good. the bartender skills were really cool too, love the gif! i could barely pour a beer properly =P

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Love this. LOVE! The food looks delicious--I've never heard of this place, but your photos make we want to go there! A friend of mine lived in Wauwatosa for a little while, so I was down there occasionally, but never passed this place. I saw the bike sign and just to turn on the Queen song.

    Great post :D

    Kate x


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