Friday, August 9, 2013

The Great Move..

Happy Friday!!
I have been living in my apartment for over a week
Can you believe that?! 
It's so nice being able to come home to my own place and do whatever I want.

It's been crazy and busy and I've been holding myself up in here just owning the unpacking. 

This is how move-in day went.

Jennifer and I moved everything in on the morning of the first. Then we cleaned like crazy
We cleaned everything..seriously. You should have seen the before and after. After cleaning I began to realize that I wouldn't be able to get much unpacked that day. (That's how much we joke.)

We decided that the only room that was really necessary to have done was my bedroom. So we set up my bed and dressers--really it's the only room that's necessary.

Photos of the finished apartment to come on Monday.
Here's a sneak peak. 
I bet you're dying to see the finished product. ;)

Side-note: I have a fancy schmancy smart phone now! I've been Tweeting and Instagraming like crazy! AND I'm trying out Vine. :)

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  1. you definitely kicked packing's ass! i gave out a long sigh just looking at those photos. unpacking is my worst enemy, i just cant. i went on a trip to chicago almost a week ago and my backpack is still packed -__-

    xo marlen
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    1. Haha! Thanks! I hate unpacking too. I just can't look at it so I have to get it done!


  2. You honestly did such a great job with your drawers... they are beautiful. Can't wait to see how the place looks when you've settled in x

  3. Haha love the pictures of assembling the IKEA bed- we had to take a few rests on the floor as well.
    And I want that dresser. awesome.

    1. Haha! I'm so glad it's not just me! Thank you! You should do a little dresser makeover yourself!


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