Saturday, March 2, 2013

RAW MKE Art Show

On Thursday I headed down to the Rave to meet up with some friends for the RAW MKE Art Show.
RAW Artists Milwaukee features different artists ranging anywhere from film makers to visual performers to fashion designers in a monthly showcase.
My apologies for the photos...ipod...very high-tech-quality-photographs.



Graphic design.
Those are cards!





The real reason I went to the event was because my friend Allie was showing some of her mind blowing photography skills.
She went to school at MIAD and is also an amazing graphic designer.

Allie to the left makin' connections.

She had the best set up that.
It was a lot more unique compared to the other photographers.
Too bad it took her 7 trips to get all of the crates in.

Her photographs are amazing.
These just don't do them justice.


During the show we snuck around the back to escape for a bit.
Owl City was putting on a show in the ballroom and we got to see a little behind the scenes action of their show. 
I saw your gear, Adam Young.
I doubt any Owl City fans actually read this, but if you jealous.

The whole night was a fun time. It was a really good opportunity for Allie to get her work out there and meet some new people.

If you have a chance check out RAW's dates here.

It's a great way to support local artist who are trying to make their way in the city.

Side note: I have been hearing from people that they couldn't comment on my blog unless they had a Google account. Embarrassingly, I did not know that it was set that way. Now anyone can comment on the posts.
Comment, my friends, comment.

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