Friday, March 1, 2013

Emily's Hollander Birthday

On Wednesday a group of us went to Cafe Hollander in Wauwatosa for Emily's Birthday.

She's beautiful and she's 24!!!

Cafe Hollander is a restaurant that is owned by the same people as Trocadero, Cafe Centraal, and Benelux.
You can probably tell by the lighting and decor that they are all sister restaurants. 

We all sat around and chatted with Emily's parent's who flew in from AZ for the big day!

Everyone got beers, wine, or other adult drinks...I got the blueberry tea. It is the only drink that I get when I go to the one in Wauwatosa...why? I'm not quite sure. Except for the fact that it tastes and smells like liquid blueberry pie.

Get it.
I dare you.

Jackie, I told you I would use this picture anyways...

Bri got the homemade pretzel with mustard. It looks sooo good.
I got the black bean's not pictured.
I don't suggest getting it.

You can tell Em and Bri are bests.

The three beasties.

Thanks, Chris, for being such an...abstract photographer.

It was a very chill and relaxing birthday get together for for this lady.
And all around a pretty good night.

Happy Birthday Em. 
Yous is da bestest.

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