Friday, March 22, 2013

Anodyne, you are mine.

Today has been a pretty relaxing day so far! 
I had the day off so when I woke up bright and early (let's face it...I can't sleep in even when I have days off...If you can, please teach me, worked out and then I decided to spend my afternoon at Anodyne Coffee in Bayview.

I am ashamed to say that I have never been to Anodyne before. I know, I know, I have been meaning to come, but living over in West Allis (Shhhh, I don't want to talk about it) doesn't make it very convenient for Liser.

I will be starting to head this way more often because first of all the lad that took my order was very pleasant and second it is SO much quieter than Alterra. 
If you know me, you know that I love Alterra, but come on and quiet down, capisce?

Anyways, I had a few things to do on the machine, including chatting with you, no big deal.

I ordered an Americano and a sesame bagel.
The Americano was perfect. Strong, but not so strong as to give me the jitteries. Ahem...Alterra. Another point for Anodyne.

Also, if you want a way to my heart, buy me a coffee and a bagel. 
I love bagels.

So right now I'm perched at one of the tall tables chatting with you and admiring the Anodyne environment.

I'm not sure what's on the agenda for the rest of the day, but I'm content right now. ;)

Swing over to Anodyne to have a coffee or tea and chill out for a bit.
Make sure you get one of these little cardies for future visits as well. I know I'm going to need it. :)

Happy Friday!

Side note: I will be heading to Florida on Sunday to see my best lady Miss Bethany. I have a few little posts for you for the week, but I apologize in advance if I seem like I'm neglecting. I promise I'm not. Scouts honor.  

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