Thursday, March 14, 2013

I OWN It!!!

I have a very exciting announcement for everyone...


Isn't that neat??

If you look above at the address bar you will see that it now says .COM---DOT COM!

I just never thought that I would have that. I feel so special. I know that I'm only taking one step at a time with the blog, but every step helps. :)

Another exciting thing is that the blog hit 5000 overall views on Tuesday. Honestly, that is all thanks to you guys, my wonderful friends, family, and strangers I feel like I know you as well! that read about me romping around in this amazing city. 

Thank you for spreading the love for me with all your Tweets, Likes, and Pins. And even your occasional Google +1.

Then even more people can watch me do silly things like:

fail at making macarons...

hear about my holidays with the family...

show off sweet finds...

jump into freezing lake water...

figure out how to build things...and use power-tools...

and EAT things. 
Obviously. ;)

Thank you all so much for supporting me and the blog.
It really means a lot.

Thank you.


{Thank you for leaving comments! It means so much to see your support.}