Friday, June 6, 2014

Purple Door Ice Cream

Sooo remember that day that Renée and I went to the Milwaukee Ballet? (I mean, duh, she blogged about it on Wednesday.) Well afterward, in order to royally spoil our dinners, we got ice cream at the new Purple Door Ice Cream shop. I love this company because they use local ingredients! Yeah, WI!
I had bright and light green tea. And Renée had chocolate whiskey. Because, booze.
It was delicious. Like, really, really smooth. Almost a little like gelato. 
The shop is small and cute and simple. I love their purple wall with the spoons, but unfortunately there is no purple door. Gimme the door.

Well, ice cream.

Have a very wonderful weekend!


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  1. Maybe that IS a door, and you just need to find the 'right spoon' to open it. Just imagine, there's like 'Gold' ice-cream behind it for the person who finally makes that discovery.
    Ha! It just might be weird enough for a place called, "Purple Door."

    1. Haha! That might just be! I would love to find a trove of wonderful golden ice cream!


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