Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weekend Brunch | Honey Pie Cafe

Last weekend the TriSexta, (Morgan, Chris, Leah, Josh, Bryan, and myself) minus Chris, met up for a little brunch date. We are all super close and have been so busy lately we hadn't been able to get together. Wedding planning (J&L), house flipping, work travels, weddings, etc. You know, it all kinda just gets cluttery. So we all (minus Chris--work trip) met up at Honey Pie Cafe to properly catch up with foods and drinks.

We had a bit of a wait so we all grabbed delicious drinks at the bar and Morgan, Leah, and I stared and drooled over the cupcakes and pies.

We ordered a round of corn bread and got stuck right in...literally. It never fails every time we go out and I want to take pictures of the food Bry's finger get's in the way. Sometimes I wonder if we hang out too much. Nope. Well maybe. Yeah probably.

We all ordered something different. Scallops benny for Morgan.
The hearty egg and bacon mixed with the light and decadent scallops was so delicious. As you can see above she is a happy camper. AND that's just a gem of a photo for me--so flattering.

The drippier the better, that benny.

Bryan got breakfast pork fries. SERIOUSLY. They are soo soo sinful. Should be illegal. This kid doesn't even like potato for breakfast and he got this. That's how good they are. Um, also, there's enough for like three meals and guess who forgot his box on the table... Waaah Waaah.

And I got what I always get: ham on a homemade biscuit with an egg, cheese, and potatoes.

Just look at it. I've been craving a good biscuit for MONTHS. Months. Seriously. Oooph it was so good.

So we ate and drank and chatted and were really really satisfied ^^^ as you can see and it was the best.
Also, can we talk about that shirt for a of the best thrift store finds, I'd say.

It was just a good good time with the best people. Umm how can you not have a good time with drinks and Trivial Pursuit??

And then we all went back to Bryan's and worked on the motorbikes and rode them to the beach.

The best weekend.


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