Friday, February 28, 2014

Life Lately | February 2014


Holy heck, February! You went by so. darn. fast! Honestly, though, I couldn't wait for it to end. I just want march to be here. It's so bad that I started wearing rolled up jeans and flats last week. Last week. And obvs I don't check the weather because, really, it takes way too long to look at my weather app. I don't have time for those shenanigans. So then I'm walking out to my car surprised that my feel, ankles, and hands (I carry gloves, but never wear them...) are freezing. All in the name of pre-Spring-excitement. A few weeks ago it was 40 degrees and I could smell it. Smell it! I just can't. wait.
Patio! We get to sit on the patio!

Are you itching for Spring too? What are you most excited about?


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Sorry for the grainy photos, again, I promise to bring out the camera again soon

Ok so I love Milwaukee. Obviously. And I venture around town quite a bit. The thing is sometimes there are key places or experiences in this city that I have never been to or never had. I mean I have lived the majority of my adult life in MN for college so I have an excuse for some of them, but not this one. I've heard about Sobelman's from everyone. Burgers and bloodies. 

Being a greasy spoon type restaurant person--it is a little unheard of that I have never been because they have some of the best sinfully greasy burgers in town. 
I mean, do you see those photos?? How have I never been here?!! oepne%#3!??

Jennifer, Danielle, (D refused to be pictured) and I met up to cap off our weekend the right way. We each ordered a massive bloody with a beer chaser, naturally, and a big ol' burger. J got the Brunch Burger (patty, cheese, bacon, ham, onion, hashbrown, egg) (she's very excited about this) and D and I each got the Hangover Burger (patty, cheese, bacon, egg, onion).

After that bloody there was no way I was going to finish the whole thing so I took it home to give it to Anthony. 
I'm an awful person and never eat my left overs. During random nights out to eat Anthony receives a snapchat of his lunch for the next day.

I am extremely excited for this weekend, which starts tonight. Nbd. Teacher's conferences, I knew I loved you! 
Aaaannnd J and I are getting bloodies at Sobelman's again on Friday. Thank you groupon!

1900 W St. Paul Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53233

What are your plans for this weekend? It's Wednesday, but I know you've thought of it.


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Monday, February 24, 2014

Stone Bowl

I apologize for the extremely grainy iPhone photos. I just can't bring myself to lug the real camera around.

I feel like I have been on some sort of Asian food kick recently. First it was ramen. I mean I really don't think that one needs an excuse. And now Stone Bowl. (Unfortunately their site isn't working at the mo) Stonebowl is a new Korean BBQ and Bibimbap restaurant. Jennifer, Stef, Joleen, and I ventured down on Friday night and the place was packed! We decided to go down last minute so we didn't make reservations, but if you would like to be seated right away...
Since we didn't make any reservations we had a 30 minute wait so we hunkered down at the bar to grab a few. Jennifer being the classy one ordered herself a glass of wine to wait -- we had beer. The extremely friendly staff ended up seating us sooner than expected so we shuffled over to the booth (in which there is a sweet button that you can press to call your waiter. What?! I know.)

We put our order in and the waiter brought us a few snacks to tide us over. The food came unexpectedly quick! I ordered the pear bbq beef with rice and the girls each ordered bibimbap. The bibimbap is served in a scalding hot stonebowl, hence the name. The idea is to mix your food quickly before you eat to heat the food in the bowl. If you let it set a bit before mixing you get some delicious crunchy rice chunks. (Seriously so good. And my beef was so delicious. Who would have thought? Pear and bbq. Hmm?)

After dinner we all gave into peer pressure and each of us ordered mochi. Typical.

This is the first Korean joint I've been to in MKE and it was seriously delicious!
If you're ever looking for a new place you should check it out. The prices range from about $8-$15 and they have amazing service. OH! And  the catchy Korean pop music!

Stone Bowl Grill
1958 N Farwell Ave, 
Milwaukee, WI 53202

What did you do this weekend?


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When JT invited us to cozy up | 20/20 Experience

Ok well not really...just let me explain!
Back in fall when R and I spent the weekend at the Hilton we found out that JT was coming to Chicago on his tour, but we completely missed the ticket sales! The tickets went so fast that they ended up scheduling another night in Chicago so we snatched up two tickets the morning they went on sale. 

The day finally came on Monday! Renée and I ventured down to Chicago in a snowstorm to see the Suit&Tie crooner. When we got to the United Center we had to climb all the way up to the top--I mean as much as we wanted to drop a couple hundred on ground floor know. We kept climbing for what seemed like forever and couldn't for the life of us find the door to get to our seats. When we finally got up to the 300 level we were on the complete opposite side of where we were supposed to be. And that's when it happened. A woman that worked for the United Center pulled us out into the hall. We were expecting to get in trouble for finding some round about way to our seats. Instead the woman gave us tickets to the 100 level in the 6th row! Apparently JT released more tickets last minute. We knew we loved him. A bit baffled we moseyed down to our new found seats and settled in. The concert started and obviously he knew how to entertain. Then the stage moved. I mean, the whole front of the stage started moving over the crowd and when it stopped, it was right above us. I mean it was, right there. Like 10 feet away.*
Then JT sang That Girl directly to Renée and I. 
I swear.**
Then R and I danced, sang, and giggled for the whole three hour performance.

And that's how JT invited us to cozy up next him.


* The picture looks farther away, pft iPhones, what do they know anyway?
**No really, though.

Other concerts here.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Matte and Teal

Last week some friends and I went to the Newaukee 5-year-anniversary party at The Wherehouse and we discovered that the Wherehouse has salsa lessons and dancing on some Saturday nights. So on Saturday we headed over for a few lessons and a night of dancing. I wanted something that was comfortable to dance in so I whipped out my new pencil skirt and this plain tee. I also accidentally, not-so-accidentally fell into the matte lip trend. I'm loving it.

Did you have a good weekend?


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Friday, February 14, 2014

200th Post

Happy 200th post to me!! I think I'm going to have a little bloggeration (blog-celebration..geddit?) every time I hit a new blogging milestone.  I can't believe that I've posted that many times who knew that when I posted this over a year ago it would turn into one of something so huge in my life? I've grown so much and am still learning a bunch about blogging. It's so much fun to see how I've changed, grown my own voice, and found my niche. Thank you all for sticking around and supporting me over the last 200 ramblings! And for watching me do silly things like buy myself balloons! ^^^

I love you all so much! Happy Valentine's Day!

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