Friday, February 14, 2014

200th Post

Happy 200th post to me!! I think I'm going to have a little bloggeration (blog-celebration..geddit?) every time I hit a new blogging milestone.  I can't believe that I've posted that many times who knew that when I posted this over a year ago it would turn into one of something so huge in my life? I've grown so much and am still learning a bunch about blogging. It's so much fun to see how I've changed, grown my own voice, and found my niche. Thank you all for sticking around and supporting me over the last 200 ramblings! And for watching me do silly things like buy myself balloons! ^^^

I love you all so much! Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Congrats sissy pants!! I'll be here for the next 200!!

  2. So proud of you girl!

  3. It's been such a pleasure, having found your blog (randomly, I don't even remember how) and seeing all the adventures you get up to in MKE. There are so many things I've found on your blog that I've jotted down for the next time I get to the city. So congratulations on a fantastic milestone and keep up the great work / having fun! ;D

    Kate x

    Artsy Abroad //

  4. yay!! balloons! congrats on your 200th post! cheers to many more! x

    dipped in yellow


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