Friday, May 31, 2013

May Wrap-Up

WOW! How is it that it is the last day of May already?! This month went by so fast

This month was so much fun! I was bopping around everywhere for a bunch of different events and get-togethers and other shenanigans. ;)

Flashing back to good times at the cabin.

Celbrating Cinco de Mayo with a refreshing salsa.

Summer's first barbecue.

iPhone snapshots.

Delicious foods at Pilora's Cafe in Oshkosh

Pre-Wedding celebrations at Sprecher Brewing Company.

Celebrated the Johnson/Broaddrick nuptials. What What?!

Hikin' in the Kettle Moraine for Mother's Day.

Lake front adventures with Ashley.

Delicious, huge sandwiches with Stef at Wicked Hop.

The weather is getting pretty warm here in MKE so I'm hoping that June will bring many more outdoor activities.

Bring it on. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wicked Huge Sandwiches

Last week my good friend Stef was in town. We were going out with some friends on North, but wanted to get a bite to eat first.
We met over at The Wicked Hop in the Third Ward.

We were hoping we would be able to sit outside since they have plenty of patio seating, but the weather was a little too chilly. 
Come on, MKE, it's MAY!

The Brewers game was on so we were able to get our Spotted Cow on for only $2 a pop!

We both ordered the monstrous California Club. was monstrous. 

As you can see though, I was up for the challenge. ;)

Happy belated Memorial Day! 

What were you up to this weekend?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Jazz Schmazz

A little while back Ashley and I had plans to a 100 Years of Cream City party that was thrown by Yelp Milwaukee. We were really excited because it was at the Milwaukee Historical Society which is a beautiful building.

The party was supposed to be so much fun with music, food, and drinks from vendors that are all based out of MKE. 

We had all intentions of going, but when we arrived we noticed how seriously everyone took "Don your jazz-era finest"...we were a little under-dressed...a little.

We felt really silly so we did not attend. 
Gulp. Sorry Yelp! I wish I would have known...

Instead, we headed down to the lake front to walk the pier a bit and I got some great photographs of the city.

I love my city.

Afterward we headed over to Alterra to have some girl talk.

Lemon-blueberry scone and Pink Panther smoothie.

We sat on the back side of the cafe where Milwaukee's old water pump is having our own 100 years of MKE celebration. ;)

And then I noticed that my shirt was on backwards.


This weekend I'll be out of town for the holiday, but I'll be back to fill you in on my weekend's stories. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Choppin' Wood

On Mother's day my pop, brother, and I (Renee sadly couldn't come to MKE this weekend) took my mom to the Kettle Moraine forest to enjoy the beautiful day.
This is a little bit (a lot) late of a post.

Lumba jack gon' go chop sum wood.

These days you rarely hear stories of a boy and his dog.
It's special sight.
Straight Shiloh.

Anytime we go outdoorsy-ing pop needs to "grab the binocs."

We forgot our water bottles in the car.
Good thing there are fresh water springs!

Mom had a lovely time out walking with the family since we don't get much family time together. When she's out in nature she really is in her element so it was a real treat.

Happy Mother's Day to you Mom. Thank you for everything you do for us.