Wednesday, May 1, 2013


WOW! Can you believe it's May 1st already?! 
April was a great month and there was so much fun stuff that I did with friends and family!

Celebrated Easter with a laid-back family luncheon.

Shared photos from wonderful trip to Florida.
Also see here and here. ;)

Tutored you on easy, delicious, and sneaky poached eggs.
What a little minx.

Dined with friends over sushi at Screaming Tuna.

Created a refreshing little yogurt dippy for a party.

Tempted you with sinful homemade Nutella ice cream.

Modeled my interesting steal-of-a-dress from Urban.

Gave a preview of my spring and summer projects.

Partied it up at Screaming Tuna for their two year anniversary.
I think I have a sushi obsession...

Explored the wonderful Harley Davidson Museum.

Toasted to my new job at Cubanitas.

Ate delicious brunch at Cafe Calatrava at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

This my first monthly wrap-up and I'm loving it. It really makes me look back on things I have done lately and the people I have been with and makes me really appreciate what I have.

I'm so blessed.


  1. Mhhh! The yogurt dip looks so delicious! Thanks for your comments, btw!

    xo Julia

    1. It really was! Anytime! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. this food looks amazing =) i totally agree april just flew by, but i'm excited for may! can't wait to see what else you'll be up to.

    1. Thank you! That is just so nice! I love to hear when people are looking forward to hearing about my activities. :)

      I'm looking forward to all of your new outfits and happenings as well.


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