Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pilora's Cafe

After the graduation service on Saturday we went to Pilora's Cafe for brunch.

It is Ben's favorite place in Oshkosh. He would go every Wednesday. 

They know him by name.

And they have AMAZING food.

What a beautiful couple!

Ben's suit-Express

Pilora's is a family owned cafe and has cute little homey touches.

The congratulatory family calls pouring in.

Pilora's has a new take & bake dinner everyday.

Everyone ordered the beer cheese soup.

It's the best I have ever had and Benjaminio swears by it!

 Everyone also had the special: Eggs Benedict Quiche. 
With rosemary sourdough bread.
Goodness gracious it was so good!

Up to no good...

If you are ever in the Oshkosh area stop over at Pilora's.
They not only have delicious food, but the owner and workers are incredibly friendly.
And the owner's son is very cute.

Please visit their website.

After breakfast I had to drive back to Milwaukee right away to change for the wedding.
I'll tell you all about that on Friday!


  1. Love Pilora's - thanks for giving them a shout out!

    p.s. are you hoping cute guy reads your blog?? i do.

  2. very very nice!!!

  3. very very nice!!!


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