Monday, May 20, 2013

Here's to the Bride and Groom!

After all of the brewery shenanigans we headed over to the Wauwatosa Woman's Club for the reception.

Go to the site. Seriously. Do it. The space is gorgeous!
I have gone past this place a hundred times and I never would have known.

Everything was just so beautiful and simple
I could die...

Each lad got a small shot of whiskey in a corked jar.



Bryan vs Brian
It should be a movie...

After a trip to the brewery you can probably imagine that the shenanigans started a little early.

Many cute details!

This cinnamon cheesecake had to have been illegal it was so good...

Even Reagan was trying to smuggle.

After dinner we got ta dancin'.

Photo by Brittney Konitzer

No lie I was cheesing like this for the rest of the night.
My face hurt so bad I don't think I had laughed/smiled so much in my life.

After that it got a bit fuzzy...
so much so that I sillily (that's a word...I promise you) did not get any photos of the bride and groom.

The following photos are all courtesy of Jill Devries Photography. She graciously let me use some of her photos since I dropped the ball.

Such beautiful photos that really captured the Todd and Melissa.
Check out the link for Jill. She is amazing...I honestly bookmarked her for my wedding...I'm not even dating anyone. ;)

Hats off to the couple.



  1. Oh wow those pictures are so gorgeous! Such a stunning couple.
    Really love this post

  2. looks like so much fun!! weddings are the best!

    x I dipped in yellow

  3. love that window pane idea! Very creative :)

  4. Sorry. I do not mean to romanticize here but ...
    well maybe there is something interesting imagination here.
    good article. I long to understand it may be helpful. success for us all

    1. I'm sorry...I'm not sure I understand...

  5. what an adorable wedding!!
    so many cute details :)


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