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We all know my passion for Milwaukee and just being proud of where you come from/where you live. Going along with my new rebranding I am starting a new series of posts. The c/o series is a collaboration with other bloggers where they will highlight different things that they love about their cities. 
 I'm extremely excited to say that Kate from Artsy Abroad has agreed to be the first blog contributor

Hiya! First, a big 'cheers' to Lisa for coming up with this great c/o idea! And on that note, I'm coming to you c/o Edinburgh, Scotland! My name is Kate and I'm here for a 12-month masters program in the history of art at the University of Edinburgh--with about 7 months to go! I am also a Wisconsin native--not born, but raised--just a couple hours north of Milwaukee. Though far away, Wisconsin is definitely home. So it was in a really great connect-with-Wisco spirit that I enthusiastically agreed to do a guest post on miss Lisa's fantastic blog.

I wanted to write about something kind of universally appealing about the city, and something that I enjoy a lot--and actually do as opposed to some one-off thing. What immediately came to mind was coffee shops. And it should be said that I. Love. Coffee. I was a barista for a few years, my sister owns a coffee shop back home, and I used to live in the apartment above it and use it like a living room. Perhaps now the coffee is in my blood! ;) I love the routine of stopping into a shop, or different shops, and sitting for a while with my studies or a good book. There are places all over Edinburgh that make truly excellent coffee. they all have a unique feel to them. I thought I'd share my five favorites and what sets them apart. 


Best Bakery: Lovecrumbs, 155 West Port

It's not unusual for this bakery-coffee shop to sell out of its bakery by the end of the day. Their menu is ever-changing from tarts to cakes to brownies and bars. It's amazing, and so is their whole shop, really! Wonderful atmosphere (a piano serves as a table in one corner!) and their coffee is quite good too. Definitely worth a stop -- another student favorite! 
They have an epic Instagram account.

Best Atmosphere: Brew Lab, 6-8 S College Street

Definitely one of the hottest college study hangout spots. It fills up fast, but everything about this place is designed to make you feel cool while drinking your coffee or tea. And the tea service is what I usually go for here--whether breakfast or herbal tea, the presentation is like a miniature experience in itself. It's these kind of details (and the industrial, quasi-delapidated interior design) that makes it a super fun place to hang out for an hour or two.


Best Latte: Wellington Coffee, 33A George Street

Tiny cafe so it's really difficult to get a seat, and serving Square Mile Coffee out of London, they're definitely a go-to for an excellent, smooth latte. They serve them just a tiny bit cooler than you might find elsewhere, which means they're perfect drinking temperature immediately, but you don't want to tarry too long!

Most Lovably Hipster: Artisan Roast, 57 Broughton Street

This place doesn't even have a counter; the espresso machine is along the wall and the whole bar area is open from floor to ceiling so you can see it all! It makes the baristas a part of the cafe, which I really like. It's a really fun space with a trendy atmosphere and some seriously dedicated coffee connoisseurs who know how to froth a perfect flat white.


Best for the Weekend: Steampunk, West Berwick

Known for their Volkswagen bus mobile espresso stylings, Steampunk Coffee is located just east of Edinburgh proper, but they truck in on Sundays to be at the Stockbridge Market. They also have cafes nearer to North Berwick. More info on their site. Their lattes are definitely worth the walk to the market (and needless to say, the market is one of the highlights of the weekend)!

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't give kudos to the unbelievably friendly staff at Caffe Nero on the Royal Mile. In spite of being a chain coffee shop, they are far and away the friendliest baristas I've encountered in this city, and that's saying a lot when, in addition to just about everyone in this city is friendly, on a Saturday when they're swamped with tourists who are packed like sardines in the cafe and they're struggling to pour espresso shots fast enough, they are angelic.

All the best from across the pond!

Kate xx

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  1. These pictures are amazing! What a great guest post about these lovely coffee shops - makes me want to go check them out this minute! Thank you!

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