Friday, June 20, 2014

Anthony's Grad Party | Yahooo!!!

Recently I've been looking back on time and experiences and cannot believe how time can just move so so fast. It's amazing. Before you know it all of the parties, get togethers, celebrations, travels, etc. are long gone and you're planning xyz for your next part-together-bration-avel. Yup.
This really hit me last week when we threw Anthony's graduation party. I CANNOT believe that this child is going to be starting college in two months. And MSOE none-the-less. What a smarty pants. I am so so proud of this brother of mine.
Anthony is one of the most mature young adults I've ever known. Even while growing up, being 6 years older I had never felt he was my pestery little brother. I have always enjoyed hanging out with him. He is carings, helpful, honest, and hilarious. 
I mean maybe it's because he has two older sisters. Who. Are. Awesome.
-- seriously I read about this once. 
Either way I am so so proud of this brother of mine.

In other news. I leave for Cuba on Sunday. CUBA. Cuba.
I can't believe I'm going on a trip that I never ever in a million years thought I could take. 
Obviously Cuba is off limits to Americans. The only way that you can go is if you have specific educational visa. Im going on a culture study trip with 19 other individuals through our Alma Mater. Because of the US regulations we will be documenting everything that we do and all expenses. We will be visiting lots of historical sights, museums, and schools and soaking up all that is Cuba. Obviously all of the things will be posted on here when I get back. :)

I will not have any communication whatsoever with the US so that means my little blog will be quiet for a few weeks, but I will be back with a Cuba blogging fury after the trip.

Stay classy friends. See you soon.


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