Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday! | Eleven Questions

Photo from a run at dusk a few weeks back.

Happy Friday guys! I am SO excited about this weekend. I have few pretty fun things plan - fish tacos tonight at Bel Air (at least I'm still hoping this is happening - having some major cravings), brunch tomorrow, and a little shopping on Saturday. Beer bottling on Sunday!
Really I'm excited for like the next week and a half -- Spring Break next week which means some relaxation and a lot of cleaning. And I  have a Photo-shoot. You guyyss, like a real life Photo-shoot with a real life Photographer. GAH! I can't even contain myself!

Last week I was tagged in an Eleven Questions post by the lovely (she is seriously so sweet, people) Jade at Earth to Jade. I had done one of these posts in the past, (actually, by another Jade!)  but I thought it would be fun to do it again. I love questionnaires!! 

1) Most of us, if not all, are travellers or love travelling. Where's your favourite destination in the world?

My favorite destination that I've been to is Antigua, Guatemala. I lived there for a summer while studying in college and I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful colonial town.

2) What are your favourite travel blogs?
I really love Jennifer Chong. Her blog is normally a design blog, but lately she has been posting many photos of her travels. Her photos are gorgeous. And Argentina.

3) What's the best experience you've ever had?
The best (and also the worst) experience I've ever had was during my last year or two of college when I realized I for sure did not want to be a teacher. I was in my junior year and it just seemed silly to transfer out and lose all of my credits. I decided to push through and finish out my degree with student teaching and all training for the double education major. It was super hard to finish it up knowing that I didn't want to teach in the end, but it was extremely fulfilling looking back and seeing how hard I worked despite it all. And now I'm working in education (although, not teaching) and using Spanish everyday and I'm unbelievably happy. 

4) What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was really young I wanted to be a veterinarian. I feel like that is one of those dreams that all of the animal-obsessed children have. You know, like the big-time zoo animal type of veterinarian. Obviously that didn't happen and I can barely keep succulents alive. We did take a lot of trips to the zoo though!

5) What's your favourite movie?
My favorite movie is for sure the Princess Bride. I just think it's hilarious! And also The Devil Wears Prada. Seriously, I watch it during every sick day!

6) If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
I would probably be mostly practical and pay off student loans, put down payment on a house, invest a little, help with some family finances, and then maybe set some aside to just blow on travel or clothing. I mean let's be real. ;)

7) If you had the chance to go to space, would you? Why or why not?
Absolutely not. There is no way, ever, that I would do that. I hate flying even. (Love travelling - hate flying. Weird, I know.) And just Google space-craft disasters...

8) Are you a dog or a cat person or neither?
I'm for sure a dog person. I used to love cats and even begged my mom for one for my 5th birthday. Then I grew up and acquired an allergy and the cats lived for far too long and it was just traumatizing. And dog's don't make me sneeze and they actually care about me. 

9) If someone described you in three words or less, what would they be?
I'm never good at answering these with my own words so I asked some of the ladies...
Bethany - bubbly, original, loyal.
Bri - energetic, spicy (in a good way), adventure seeker.
Sarah - loyal, quirky, passionate.
Emily - independent, affectionate, loyal

10) What's your guilty pleasure?
Ok, this is a loaded gun because I have multiple and let's face it I do not feel guilty. 
Beyonce, my affinity to pop culture, and food. Like greasy - I don't care my inner fat-kid is coming out obsession with food.

11) How do you take your tea or coffee?
I take my coffee black and strong.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

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  1. Mad props to you for finishing your education degree -- it's something that seems to have worked out for you even though you may have changed course. Just having a degree is good, but I imagine it was also a really great lesson in persistence (and perhaps patience)! Cheers!


    Artsy Abroad //


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