Monday, October 28, 2013

The Day I Found a Gray Hair and Got Stung By a Bee

Jeans - JCrew
Flannel - Target
Shoes - Toms
         Scarf - American Eagle
                 Polish - Essie-Bouncer, It's Me!

Last week Saturday Chris, Bri, and I took a little jaunt into the Wauwatosa Village. We took the ziggy-zaggy way through the pretty neighborhoods with all of the houses that you dream to live in with your family.{We're talking Life as We Know It style houses}

Chris is one of my oldest friends and his beaut of a fiance has become one of my closest friends as well. 
{Remember her super awesome bridesmaid boxes??}

We fooled around, took photos, and grabbed some grub and the good ol' Qdoba and chatted about their wedding next August.
Wanna see some adorable engagement photos?? Our friend Laurelyn took them. {she is super talented} Check them out here.

We're trying to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather before the snow falls. I LOVE snow and it's beautiful and all, but I don't like to be wet. The autumn chill is perfect for me! I'm loving that I can just throw on some pants and a sweater and be good to go. Most days that is...

In other news--I found a gray hair this day AND I got stung by a bee. 
What is the Lord telling me??

What have you been doing to enjoy the fall weather?


  1. sounds like a perfect fall day! x

  2. I feel like the Fall is flying by here!! Last I remember the leaves were beautiful and now they're GONE!!
    This looks like it was such a pretty little walk :)

  3. Welp, time with friends makes up for all those not-so-great things in life!

  4. Grey hairs are the worst. Though don't they count for wisdom or something? I love your aqua pants!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

    1. OH! Then I'm one hair wiser! Thank you! I'm noticing in these photos, though, they are far too big.


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