Monday, October 21, 2013

Hilton Garden Inn Breakfast

The last morning of Renée's Birthday Weekend of Adventure EXTRAVAGANZA we slept in late, showered, and meandered down to the hotel's restaurant.
(Last morning means last post--Yes, it has ended! Sad, but also kind of relieving - I've been dragging on and on about this weekend--surrry!)

The hotel's breakfast is amazing.

We started with coffee--of course. My day can't start with out it. Same with sissy.

We loaded up on fruits and a bran muffin while waiting for our eggs. The breakfast is buffet style, but made-to-order.

R got an omelet with veggies and bacon and a side of some of the most delicious paprika potatoes with onion and pepper. 
I got poached eggs on toast with a side of french toast, bacon, and potatoes as well. 

We ate until we couldn't anymore then we sipped coffee, did some computer work, and chatted about our amazing weekend. 

Afterward we headed over to Hotel Foster for their MKE Film Fest after party for our bloodies and pizzas.

It was the perfect end to our weekend. 


  1. I want that. All of it. Particularly the crispy bacon. ;)

    Kate x

  2. holy smokes this whole weekend sounds like a BLAST. super jealous!! i so do not need to be as hungry as these pictures are making me! gah yum!

    pssst what lens are you using on these photos? they look great!


    1. It was seriously so fun!

      I used my 55mm kit lens with a wide-angle lens attachment. Thanks!

  3. I love me a Hilton breakfast! They always meet expectations :)

  4. What a great hotel and breakfast! and weekend! and shister! You're the best and I love you! Thank you!


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