Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Gouda's Italian Deli

Gah! I just get hungry just thinking about it.

With good reason too.

While walking around in the Third Ward Renée and I stumbled upon Gouda's. I had seen the striped awning for a while, but the little deli was finally open.
{It just opened mid-September}

Upon entering I got that family-owned-cozy-feeling that I would get at the delis and bakeries my Popp would take us to as kids. 

They have tons of Italian fare on the wall and delicious meats and cheeses to chose from case.

R and I took a gander at their amazing menu. We ordered the Campagniola Panini and two San Pellegrinos. With an "Of course, sweetheart" the two pleasant fellas turned to create one of the most delicious sandwiches--all-the-while speaking Italian. 

The Panini was unbelievable. Prosciutto, provolone, arugula. Simple and classic ingredients makes a delicious sandwich.

Gouda's perfect for a quick sandwich if you're in the Third Ward. And with such a nice atmosphere and cute cafe seating in and out--I mean, come-on!

Gouda's Italian Deli
218 North Water Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202


  1. This sounds amazing .... I'm a sucker for a fancy pants sandwich.

    a clover & a bee

    1. And this sandwich has the fanciest pants I've ever seen!

  2. Oh my word. DELICIOUSNESS. This has inspired me to dig out that panini maker we got as wedding gift and let the experimentations begin...

  3. How cool is this place!? Love the inside -- I'm a sucker for a good Italian deli, seriously. There's nothing like all that amazing meat and cheese in one place, not to mention olives.

    Mm, olives...

    That panini is making me hungry, and I just ate dinner. Good sign! ;D

    Kate x

    1. Oh girrrl! I just love it.
      Also, dinner?! I'm eating lunch.
      Time difference and what not...

  4. You managed to make me hungry too.

  5. Can't beat a good deli, that sandwich looks amazing!


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