Friday, November 30, 2012


My friends and I have been whispering about going to Europe for some time now. I have finally started planning more like pinning tee hee and brainstorming for the trip.

All of the Europe talk has got me thinking about my past trips. 

Here's a little bloggy about my favorite country.


El arco. Antigua, Guatemala.

I went to Guate to study and honestly...because it was cheap.
I didn't have very high expectations.

I was not expecting what I did. I was caught in the most beautiful country with the nicest of people.

I was staying in Antigua. It is a very colonial town and easy to walk from one side to the other, on cobble stones, of course.

You want some eye candy?? Ok!

The far mountain is el Volcan de Fuego Volcano of fire

Coffee: Guatemala has the largest hand roasted coffee plantation

My trusty traveling companion: Z


My family's chickens. bock.

La Merced (the mercy) was the most beautiful church.
The white designs are reliefs of vines.

El Catedral

My host brother and sister.

I guess I'm boring.

These are macadamias.

This fellow is the owner. He was probably the most vulgar and hilarious man I have ever met. He was also a genious. He is the genius who created the anti-aging component in Nivea skin products (made from macadamia, no big deal).

Have you ever been in a bathroom this tropical?

One of my profes.
Next to C looking all deer in headlights. Sorry C.

Z and I went to a town about an hour away called San Miguel Itzapa. It was a very poor town, but very quaint with nice people.
The reason we went there was because they had a bike co-op where they would make bicycle machines for the Maya people. The building is decorated with different bike parts.

El Volcan de Fuego on my last day. Fittingly beautiful.

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