Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alterra: More than just coffee

Alterra is a local coffee roaster and cafe.

Most people know of them because they have amazing coffee that they roast at the Humboldt cafe. 

Last night I met up with two of my very close guys from college. We decided to bop over to Alterra at the Lake for coffee and dinner. 

This is one of my favorite Alterras because it is in the Milwaukee River Pumping Station. If you walk around to the back room you can see the old pump. Now, I'm not exactly sure if it is still used, but none-the-less it is awesome flossem. 

Anyways, many people know of Alterra for the coffee, but they don't, however, know about the amazing food.

Feast your eyes on this baby. :) 

I got the Chicken Mole Burrito. R got it too because he really likes to copy me. 
It was loaded with chicken, beans, potato, mole salsa, peppers, cheese, and other wonderful things. Served with chips and salsa. MMMMmmmMM

D got the Turkey Club (one of my personal favorites).
It has turkey, bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato, and pesto sauce on sourdough bread. It is served with chips. 


A happy camper.

The best thing about getting food at Alterra is that you are also supporting a lot of local businesses. They use bacon and dogs from Usinger's Sausage. They get their eggs, milk, yogurt, and cheese locally. They also make their own bagels and pretzels (Alterrian Bavarian pretzels). Spiffy right?

You may find locations and other Alterra bits and pieces here.


  1. Alterra is also a personal fav of mine. I can't get enough of their tea or smoothies. And I always take people there for food if they've never eaten there before. Have some for me, ok?!

    1. Oh, believe me, I ate enough for you and me. :)


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