Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Moon Boots and Tea

 Tonight I am having a wonderful little Skype chat with a friend who lives in China. So I decided to get comfortable as I was staying in and you only see the face on Skype. :P

These, my friend, are what I call moon boots. I wear them to keep my tootsies nice and warm. What are they made of you ask? They are made of DOWN! Down boots. Moon boots. The best thing ever. Yes, they look funny, but, like I said, when Skyping the other only sees your face.

I cannot, however, take credit for finding these out-of-this-world See what I did there :) slippers. My wonderful sissy, Renee, found them at REI. They also have men's.

Thank, Né, for being a genius. :)

So, sporting my comfy and warm booties, I decided to take another step and make some tea.

This is jamaica (hibiscus) tea. I buy my jamaica as loose leaves in bags. You may find it where you buy latin herbs or spices. 

It looks a bit silly at first. 

Let it steep in the hot water for 3 minutes or so then scoop out the jamaica. I tried to drink it with out removing the jamaica once...never again.

After making the tea, I was finally ready for my reunion. A great, comfy, Skypy catch-up.


Cheers to you, A. Hope the Orient is treating you well.


  1. Those boots have been what I've always wanted - mini sleeping bags for your feet! My feet actually get hot!! But, to give credit where credit is due, my hubster found those for me. What a great Christmas present. Now I have two pair at home and even a pair for my office!!!


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