Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Underground Ramen

I love my city. We all know I love my city SO much. I mean I might even love it so much that I would make a website dedicated to it. (teehee) But I have always always wished and dreamed of having more underground restaurants or clubs or small little places that open late at night that make you feel a bit secretive and special. 
A couple of weeks ago Kate and Jesse, who had grown up in Japan, had a hunkering for their old home that could have only been solved with traditional Ramen. After some internet searching they stumbled upon the perfect little joint and invited Sarah and I along.
The restaurant refers to it as the Ramen Shop or just Ramen. It's so small and sneaky and doesn't have a name yet. The genius fellas that make up Ardent had the wonderful idea of creating a late night restaurant for the bar goers that served food that isn't extremely greasy or heavy. Thus the underground traditional Japanese ramen joint was born. Ramen opens at 11:30 PM on Friday and Saturday nights. They make enough for about 60 bowls a night and close when they sell out. 
The menu is simple and perfect. Ramen and beer. We hunkered down with four bowls with everything and four PBRs. We sat contentedly groaning and slurping until our bowls were empty. After happily sitting and chatting with the gents who run the operation and Aaron ended up giving us a tour of the tiny kitchen and telling us more about why they opened Ramen.
I had never had traditional ramen before and it was delicious! If you need a late night food joint and you're near Brady and Farwell I suggest you give it a go!

The Ramen Shop
1751 N Farwell Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Do you have any awesome underground joints by you? What are they?


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  1. Seaweed makes me gag a little, but this place looks like a blast! Both of my favorite ann arbor bars are underground... there's just something extra fun about it! Maybe it's the old timey speak-easy feel or the secrecy factor? I dunno, but I'm with you in terms of loving underground dives!


  2. I feel like I may need to hot that up one more time before I leave the country... maybe this weekend???!!! - Jesse

  3. Ramen is by far one of my top three favorite foods. SO comforting!


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