Monday, January 13, 2014

NYE 2013 and 2014 Musings

My plans for NYE were a little wishy-washy this year. After telling my sister at Anthony's brunch that I wasn't going to her party she was a little disappointed. So in the middle of getting ready to go to another party I made a split decision to drive down to surprise my sister after dinner with some of my friends. 
I had a lovely time with friends and then hopped in the car to drive through the snow storm for my sissy.
I arrived and the party was in full swing and R was more than surprised (apparently Ben told her that I was the cops when I came to the door--she was terrified. It was awesome. nbd.)
RenĂ©e taught us a bit of Merengue before midnight and we chatted and sang and danced and wore mustaches. Then we did the countdown more times than I can remember. It was such a fun night with some Good. People.
This New Year has already brought some surprises both good and bad. I've already been taught a few lessons about myself among other things. Although this year is starting out interesting and a little rocky I am excited to see what it brings. And I'm very hopeful. It will be an great year none the less. With many events to look forward to and celebrations to be had. Living in the moment, looking at life for amazing beautiful things, and not worrying about particulars. 

Tell me, how is your 2014 starting up?


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