Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Simple Cafe

The morning after Sarah and I experienced Ramen we met up with our friends Titus and Lloyd for brunch after church. We decided to head to Simple Cafe. I had never been their before, although they have been in MKE for about a year. It was about time because I had only heard good things. I'm happy I finally experienced it because they focus on simple ingredients to make delicious dishes and they are completely farm to table. Pretty awesome I'd say.
We were all very hungry and as you can see a little bit loopy before getting our food. I ordered the eggs sardou {poached eggs on a croissant with artichokes spinach, parmesan, and Creole hollandaise}. I don't remember what the others ordered nor do I have photos...but they were very satisfied as well. ;) The café is buzzing with conversation and can get a little busy, but is well worth it.

{Link is for Lake Geneva location, I can't find their website for MKE}
2124 N Farwell Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202



  1. Ooh, that looks yummy! I love any breakfast that has poached eggs :)

  2. That plate looks so freaking amazing... I've actually never had poached eggs (!?) but have always wanted to try. This particular combination sounds insanely yummy. Not surprisingly, I'm seriously craving artichokes and spinach and yummy hollandaise. Ugh. Thanks. ;D Haha


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