Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Big O Burger

I love burgers. I used to hate them...there was something about the red meat that used to make me sick, but now? 
Now you give me a medium-rare slab of meat and I'm game.

My trusty friend Bryan has been talking about Oscar's for months. Now, don't get it confused with the ever-popular MKE custard/burger joint--we're talking Oscar's Pub and Grill over on Pierce.

Anyways, he's been raving about their burgers and how the Big O is the best burger he has ever had. 

Yeah, it's a big statement.

So I've been dying to try this place out. Every time all of my friends go I have been busy doing other things...until just a few weeks ago.

We sat out on the patio since it was so nice out.
Now I didn't get many photos of the joint itself--it's nice, really, but that's not what matters...

this is. ^^^

The Big O Burger.

O yeah!
Did you see what I did there??

It's all "Hey, you, I'm 8 oz. Premium Black Angus, topped with Chipotle Jack, Smoked Gouda, Hickory Bacon, Chorizo, Fried Onions, Jalapeños and paired with guac and fries. I'm all man, baby. And I'm all yours."

It does come with a price to pay--if you eat it by hand like Bry-guy here, you will have some casualties.

I ended up resorting to knife and fork.

It doesn't change the effect though.

As you can see--this is a face of a happy lady.

Also, I'm excited to announce the winner of the Uganda Community Project Giveaway!

Congrats Andrea! Shoot me an email with all of your contact/shipping info. You can find my email on the About Me page.

Side-note: Ariel Welch, you left me a little comment--I deleted it by accident and did not mean to! I'm sorry my techno-amateur side comes out sometimes!


  1. This burger looks amazing - I can't wait to try it!

  2. omgggg

    this is my kind of place. my favorite burger place in ann arbor gave me food poisoning last time we went (steve's had it from there before) so i have been in mourning while we're trying to find a new favorite.


    1. Gosh girl we need to fix that! Come to Milwaukee!!

  3. OOoooohhhh girl! Trying all of the delicious food is the best part about traveling/living in new places! If you're ever in the area I would GLADLY go to Oscar's with you. ;)

    The climb was difficult because of the weather conditions, but it was SO much fun! It took a couple of hours only. It sounds like yours was more of a trek.

  4. best burgers in Milwaukee....Big O!!!!!


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