Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Sundays...

On Sunday's we wear coats and go to the Villa Terrace.

Because on Sunday's the Villa Terrace has Cafe Sopra Mare.

The Villa Terrace is a beautiful old house turned museum. During the spring and summer there are beautifully groomed gardens...almost as gorgeous as my mum's...almost.
Just kidding - maybe.

Cafe Sopra Mare puts on musical performances every week last week it was a string band complete with dulcimer, mandolin, and guitars. The courtyard is the perfect place to sit, listen, read, etc on a Sunday morning. 

After church we ran over to Simma's Bakery and picked up a slice of their pastry of the month {chocolate peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache.} Then we went to Colectivo to pick up some breakfast sandwiches {we were really hungry} and coffee.
Cafe Sopra Mare does have a little cafe set up with coffee and pastries in the corner, but the coffee is somewhat lacking. 

We nestled under the overhang of the courtyard and listened to the music while working on homework/planning/reading -- or more like pretending too -- as the rain drizzled down.

If you're ever looking for something to do one a Sunday, I highly recommend it.

AAAnnnnnddd some Vine videos for your viewing pleasure. ;)
I'm still trying to figure out how to post just the video and not the twitter post--if you have any pointers, do share. 


  1. 1) By those photos, you could be in Florence or Bologna, and even if you're not, I'm jealous because it looks like a cool spot to have a coffee!

    2) I would do just about anything for Simma's right about now! So good.

    3) I'm not jealous. Really. ;)

    Kate x

    1. Let's talk about jealous… You're in Edinburg!


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