Friday, January 25, 2013

The Shop

My siblings and I had a very unique experience growing up. 
My parents own their own business. So instead of going to day care until Kindergarten we were able to be with our parents most of the time.

My popp is a cobbler and my mom is a seamstress.

We call it The Shop. 
Unfortunately, I will not be sharing the real name of the Shop due to privacy protection. 

My parents bought the business 28 years ago from a Greek couple
My popp never changed the name from when the Greek couple owned it.
People still come in and ask where John is. Welllll...he moved back to Greece.

Yesterday I hung around and had dinner with my parents. 
I love going to the Shop. It's the family business so it will always be big part of my life.

I thought I would finally share it with you. ;)
Prepare for photos.

This is one of my projects from kindergarten. 
It's really lasting...

 Don't worry, we weren't aloud back here as kids.

If you look closely you can see my high school graduation pictures...

My popp's father had a shop too.

So this is where I grew up. 
One of the most interesting places. And that's not 'cause I'm biased. 

The Shop
1234 S 56th St.
My Little Secret WI 12345

This one is mine for keeps.


  1. WOW! What a lost art! The shop was a most amazing place to grow up. Talking with customers while they were waiting for their shoes to be shined taught me so much about talking to adults and being kind to customers. And I learned about quality shoes and tailoring. Thanks Mom & Dad!

  2. Our parents are so beautiful! Thanks for doing this post sissy pants!

  3. So what if one would like to patron said cobbler with her sad, broken shoes?

    1. Nevemind, I think I found it! AND it's close to me! =)

    2. Yes it is, in fact, not difficult to find online. I, however, will not be sharing the information.

      Fix those kicks!


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