Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Bow Bag Revival

A couple of years back I bought the cutest over-the-shoulder bag from Anthropologie.

Sorry the picture is so's from my past orders
with Anthropologie.

Isn't it just wonderfully naughty-cal? :)
The bag went everywhere with me. I would use it during the all seasons...even the winter. Don't judge. 

It even went abroad with me. 

Unfortunately, my bag finally met it's end. A sad day in my accessory collection I must say.
I would have shown you a picture other than Anthro one, but it really was a sad, sad sight.

I salvaged one very important piece from the bag: the bow.

This is what I like to call the Bow Bag Revival.

I received this a bag as a graduation from my college Spanish professor.

I love it, but it needed a little something.

I gave the bow and bag to my Pop and he put a few leather staples in the base of the bow to keep it on. My Pop is a cobbler so he is handy dandy like that...There will be a post next week about my parents' business. Keep a look out. 

 I love it because it is a very large tote, but can fold it up like so.

Now I can still have a little remembrance of the my cute little nautical bag. 

I think it was a successful revival, yes?

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