Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simple S'mores Cookies

My two good guy friends J and B were out of town for work this last week. They finally came home yesterday and today.

My other friends B and B they're big deal and I decided that we should surprise the boys with a welcome home something or another. This is mostly because we can't go through a full week without seeing the boys at least a couple of times...sad.

The result?

S'mores Cookies

It's just simple. Oh, and we cheated.

You'll need:
-A bag or two of chocolate chip cookie mixes
-A box of graham crackers
-Ingredients to prepare the cookies
-A bag of mini-mallows Not pictured...woops
-Extra chocolate chips

Prepare those cheeky cheating cookies as directed on the bag.
Add your mallows and please, add more chocolate chips if you wish. :)

Line the cookie sheets with parchment paper. Crack the grahams in half and place them on the cookie sheets. I put 12 on a sheet. Roll 1 1/2 to 2 inch cookie dough balls and place one on each graham.

Bake them as directed on the cookie bags. I baked mine a little longer and I switched around the pans to avoid the great graham fire of 2013.

We spent the rest of our night making welcome home posters, like all 23 year olds do on their Friday nights. 

Side-note: Later we stealthily delivered the posters and cookies to the house. We were not going to reveal ourselves. Sadly after sneakily taping posters to the insides of screen doors, knocking on windows, hiding behind cars, and sitting our rears on wet cement, our covers were revealed.

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