Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anthro Mugs

Last night I had a nice night in. I needed to edit the pictures from the 10 Paces, Fire show.
So I cozied on up with some PJs, my laptop, and a cup 'o jamaica tea. I used my new fancy schmancy Mug from Anthropologie.
Yes, I am about to blog about a mug. They are the prettiest mugs ever.

These mugs are the most beautiful little things that I could ever think to drink out of.

You can find them in stores and online. They are only $8.00 and are perfect for a little gift.
My sissy and I stocked up right before Christmas when they were $5.00 each.
Some one got the whole alphabet, ahem. :)

P for Pappalardo, obviously.

What a relaxing night. The best way to get things done.
How did you spend your night?


  1. Yes, I have problems. Anthro's housewares are always so tempting! But now, when people come over, they always know which mug is theirs.


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