Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Date Four: Chicago | Last Man Standing

The dating bender is over, all. It's done. Remember these two posts (One | Two)? I had cut guys out of the dating bender and ended up with just those two gents.
Flannel Fella was a great guy, but after a few dates I just started realizing that he felt like just a friend. I just wasn't into it like that.

Then there was Biker Boy from this post? After date two with him I realized that no one else really compared. Sooooo I haven't been on Tinder since and I haven't been active on Match.
We had been talking a lot and spending time with him was blowing everyone else out of the water soooooo bye Tinder...for now.

Things with him have been great! We went on dates three and four this weekend. For date four the gent swept me away to Chicago, his home town, for the day.
It was hands down the best date I had been on. (Aside from maybe our first date and the motorcycle ride.) We grabbed coffees and walked around Millennium Park and downtown. We drove up to Lincoln Park for more walking and holding hands *sigh*. And beers. And pizza at Pequod's. My gosh, guys. Some of THE best pizza.

Anyways, I'm just saying,  he's just a really really great guy and takes me by surprise a lot.
There is nothing official, folks, but I hope that he sticks around for a while. ;)

Over and out.


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